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My Top 5 NJ Thrift Spots

A lot of people ask me for thrifting advice in NJ
and it inspired me to share my top 5 thrift spots!

#1: Mary's Secret Wardrobe in Wall, NJ

I love Mary's Secret Wardrobe for some great clothes, some tchotchkes, and furniture. I have found my dream vintage couch that is absolutely perfect in my attic closet. These little elephants have been making me smile since I got them! I have also found some clothing items that I absolutely love {most recently this dress / and these pants / this dress / this necklace / all this good stuff}. I always find great stuff at Mary's Secret Wardrobe, and I find the prices pretty reasonable. Mary is one interesting lady and I love visiting when I am home.

#2: Simon Vintage in Neptune City, NJ
Simon Vintage is a new favorite of mine (and my sisters!) We recently checked out Simons and fell in love with all their cool stuff! I picked up a milk jug and an adorable small pineapple lamp. Great large furniture options too, we will definitely be checking this place out on the regular!
Be sure to keep up with their awesome instagram for all their new arrivals / amazing stuff!

#3: The Rescue Mission in Trenton, NJ
 The Rescue Mission in Trenton used to be my #1 ride or die thrift shop. I used to come here on the regular for clothing and home decor items. I started volunteering at the Rescue Mission the summer before I started college at Rider University in 2006. I have been blogging about The Rescue Mission since the beginning too {check out this post from 2011- super old looking back on it, you've been warned} I still go to the Rescue Mission occasionally, most recently I scored some awesome stuff for our house, but they have changed the way they display the clothing which has turned me off. Instead of hanging the clothing they are now in huge bins that you have to dig through. It is not a pleasant experience, although I do still find some great stuff from time to time. The clothing prices have lowered as a result of these bins, but I would rather pay another $1 and be able to see what items might interest me right off the bat instead of digging.  Their furniture pieces are hit or miss these days. The staff is always nice and helpful. The Rescue Mission in Trenton will always have a place in my thrifty heart!

#4: Goodwill {Ewing and Ocean Locations}
My local Goodwill is the Ewing location and I always find good stuff there. I have found Missoni x Target sweaters / Dooney & Bourke bag & Coach shoes & Michael Kors shoes / Lilly Pulitzer pants / Vera Bradley chicken bag, etc. etc. at this location. I think they have started to catch on with the pricing though, they are getting a little high for designer names. Sometimes there are interesting furniture pieces, I always like to check out that section. Just like any Goodwill, or any thrifting for that matter, it is hit or miss.
At the Ocean location, I have scored a ton of furniture. Our dining room table and chairs came from that location. As well as the mirrors in our bathroom and the NYC city scape painting in our bedroom.

#5: Udelco in Hawthorne, NJ
I visited Udelco in 2011 and was blown away. This warehouse is quite far from where I live, but I might have to make a trip up again just for this! This place is huge, literally a warehouse. It is a digging through situation but it is a little more clean and organized. Cash only and I don't think they have bags so maybe you should bring some. A lot of vintage shops and shops like Urban Outfitters go to shops like this to stock up for their vintage collections. I have to go back, for sure!

Honorable Mention: Moe's Discount Furniture Store in Asbury Park, NJ
We have gotten TONS of our original furniture from Moe's- Our bed / guest bed and side tables / red landing corner piece, etc. etc. The first couple of times we went the selection was better than it was the last few times we've gone. Prices were reasonable and you can bargain. Worth a visit if you need to do some serious furniture shopping.

Also a special shout out to some amazing flea markets in NJ:
Trenton Punk Rock Flea: I know, I am a bit bias since I sell here but it is a great flea market. Lots of weird / strange / different stuff to be found. Next one is TOMORROW from 10-5 at the Roebling Machine Shop in Trenton, NJ. Plus tons of food trucks!
{last flea April 2016 / 1st one I sold at in 2015}

Asbury Park Punk Rock Flea: I am going to try and sell at the next APPRF in October but we went to one in January and found some good stuff! Similar to the one in Trenton, but this one is smaller.

Columbus Flea & Farmers Market: A huge classic NJ flea market. I have found some art here and other trinkets. Good place to spend an afternoon walking around. Also has good food options!

Collingwood Flea: I've been going to the Columbus Flea since I was a kid. Some good stuff to be found, like my baby scale that sits on my fireplace mantel. Better on a nice day so the outdoor venders are out.

Shout out to dizzylizzyb on Instagram for the post idea!
Best of luck thrifting your way through NJ!

What are your favorite thrifting spots in NJ or the tri-state area?
Always looking for an adventure and the next great score!

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