Monday, August 1, 2016

just a cabana bar in the middle of a shopping center.

I love dinners at Nomad in Princeton. 

The asparagus and burrata starter is soooo yummy

I had the prosciutto and fig pizza and it was AMAZING!
I think my favorite pizza I have had from Nomad!

I love the chocolates that come with the bill!

After dinner we went to the Clocktower Cabana for a drink

I had a habanero margarita, which was ehhh.
Overall it was a pretty strange experience.
Not great drinks,
the bartender shouted across the patio "did those people pay yet",
even though we did and tried to close our tab right away,
 but she walked away as soon as she gave us our drinks.

Then an older couple came over to us on the other side of the fence
and asked "how much longer do you have on those drinks"
and we were like "uh I don't know 5-10 mins"
and they proceeded to come sit on either side of us on the lawn furniture
and wait for us to finish to take our seats.

So weird.

Princeton people, am I right?!

Charlie said that this was a weird experience and could definitely be improved.
I said "otherwise it is just a cabana bar in the middle of a shopping center"
Even though we are dressed for a tropical vacation!

 What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, lips- J Cat Beauty "Blow Your Mind" via Ipsy, earrings- Stella & Dot via stylist Kristen  necklace- Tiffany & Co {gift from my hubby}, dress- littlesliceofpie_vintage on Instagram, sandals- Target, bag- vintage Dooney & Bourke via Poshmark

I mean how awesome is this print from littlesliceofpie_vintage?!
Screams margaritas at a cabana bar,
just maybe not one in the middle of a shopping center in Princeton...

Think I need to take this dress on a tropical vacation, asap.

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