Saturday, August 27, 2016

Humble Beauty Opinion #33, my everyday makeup!

I feel like this summer I have been knocking out some posts
 that I have been meaning to write since the beginning of this blog, 
5 years ago- almost 6 years now! 

Here is my everyday makeup routine!

You can see all my favorites products from my Humble Beauty Opinion Giveaway from Nov 2015

I laughed at this Ladylike BuzzFeed video called "How much money do you spend on makeup?"

& then I was like, "Wait, how much do I spend on my makeup bag?!"

Well based on my step by step procedure, I spend around $384...
right around the amount that the ladies in the video spend...

But no shame in my makeup bag... not to mention my makeup desk with all my palettes...

I thought this graphic from Influenster was interesting
to see what other steps, colors, and brands -other people choose

My wishlist for this month, as if I don't have enough makeup:

I want both of these fall Wet n' Wild palettes, the green & red shades are awesome

I also fell in love with this Bite beauty lipstick in "Kale",
I mean, who doesn't need a green lipstick...

from left from right: Skinfood in "BeautyBerry"- came with a recent online order, I loved it! / Tea Tree facial mask- I get these from the Korean grocery store H Mart / Curel "Itch Defense" body wash & lotion sample- not sure if these actually worked because they are small samples but they were hydrating / dr. brandt "microdermabrasion skin exfoliant"- very small particles, deep exfoliation / dr. brandt "anti-aging mattifying lotion"- great for hot summer days, not that hydrating though / dr. brandt "pore refiner primer"- love this primer, one of the best / e.l.f. "High Definition Undereye Setting Powder"- good setting powder but doesn't make a huge difference I don't think / L'Occitane "Creme Divine"- got this from an online order, loved it! / Anastasia "Clear Brow Gel"- definitely strong stuff, like hair gel for your eyebrows, I have had this for probably a few years now... / Lush "Celestial" facial moisturizer- love this stuff! Lush does moisturizer right / Jersey Shore Spa "Anti Aging "Lip & Hand Polish" in Vanilla Bean- I got this from ipsy, I ended up using it as a whole face scrub, I loved it, helped with the dry skin around my nose / liquid blendercleanser- I think this stuff does help clean makeup brushes and the beauty blender but I prefer my Dr. Brommers soap / pixi "Glow Tonic"- not sure I see the hype  with this, probably won't repurchase / Dove "oxygen moisture" shampoo and conditioner- LOVE these, will get a set when my stock runs out / Honeysuckle Jasmine candle from Walmart- LOVE, will be great for spring! / Zinfandel and Vanilla Sugar candles from Dollar Tree for $1 I enjoy these candles

What are you loving this month?

How much is YOUR makeup bag worth?!
Count it up and let me know!

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