Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a beautiful day

Lots of work to do {I have been trying to figure out my life the past couple of weeks. Yes. My WHOLE life}

I am enjoying my budget {even though it hasn't officially started yet}. Mainly because I am looking into my closet for ideas rather than in a store, quite honestly my closet could literally BE a store. 
{join me in Rock What You Got}
What I Wore: thrifted green shoes- Rescue Mission of Trenton Thrift Store, grey stockings & leopard watch- Betsey Johnson via Rue La La, blue patterned dress- American Apparel via Haute Look, blue stripped shirt- Gap, brown jacket & black beaded belt- thrifted, leopard glasses =)
How freakin' awesome are these shoes?!?! 
When I found these there was a scream gasp and then a sigh of relief when they fit. 
= perfection
Have you ever thrifted an item and wonder where the hell the person before you got them/what they rocked them with?! This is my ultimate example. She must have been AWESOME!
This is the man behind the camera, my fiance
{well most of the time sometimes I convince my sister to take my picture & have to promise her McDonalds-- she has a fast food addiction and weighs 80 pounds-- oh how life is fair...}
Enter my give-a-way with Vantage Point Vintage's store and get yo' self some vintage:

Friday, April 29, 2011

I also enjoy Fridays, Rebecca Black, because it means jeans at work =)

Ladies and gentleman, 
My new Lucky Jeans... back from the "jean doctor" {aka hemmed because I am a shorty} yes they are still cuffed because I plan on rockin' these with wedges.
 action shots... this is me running to the mailbox because it is 
pay day 
& yes my dog is peeing in the first picture... what a champ.
What I Wore: pink bow flats- JC Penny {years ago were like $3!} Lucky jeans- new from my boston trip!, thrifted shirt & blazer. Accessories:  vintage navy blue 'alligator' belt, assorted bracelets including my new tennis bracelet from the fiance ;), red ring- Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Designs, Michael Kors pink watch,  diamonds by the yard- Tiffany & Co, pink eyeglasses- Steve Madden

Another present from the mailbox!!! 
Guess what came in today?!? my turquoise necklace from Linley's blog- DwellingandTelling yayayayayayayaya I LOVE IT!!! <3

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

new fashion addictions- GILT & others....

I did it my friends- I joined yet another shopping site: GILT.
Any site with Marc by Marc Jacobs is a must in my book. Here are my selections:
How damn cute are those blue shorts?! I can't get enough of them!
Need an invite? Get yours {here}

Here are some other things I have recently become obsessed with:
#1- Reformed by The Reformation Blanche Skirt {Urban Outfitters- Get it here- $79}
#2- LOVE this 

VTG 80s Silk Sequin DECO Beaded Trophy Tuxedo Jacket SM {Rock Paper Vintage- Get it 

here- $88 or best offer}

#3- I won this Etienne Aigner Purse!! From Pulp Vintage via Delightfully-Tacky's blog. <3
#4- Signature Pebble Leather Bowler {Tommy Hilfiger- Get it here- $198 but 30% off until April 29th}
#5- These shoes are so HOT! {Jeffrey Campbell Elegant Stud- Get them here- $144.95}
side note: these remind me of:
Christian Louboutin's Rollerball Loafers ($995)
image found here}
#6- Just found this super cool designer Megan Nielsen via DwellingandTelling's blog. I just scored this black tee with gold sequence sleeves {couldn't resist a one-of-a-kind @ $15!!} So. darn. cute. !!

My outfit today:
What I Wore: brown flats- estate sale (free!), Grey trouser pants- Gap, button up- thrifted. Accessories: Michael Kors pink watch, tulip pearl necklace, new "face" ring- Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Designs, check out my new tennis bracelet- 1 year anniversary of being engaged to my fiance <3 it is beautiful =) leopard glasses

another side note: This shirt reminds me of some new styles coming out...
Look closely {haha} this button up was in a Tommy Hilfiger email.
Can't seem to find it online but I am sure it costs more than my $2 button up from the thrift store.
& I have a similar blazer- New outfit idea?! I think so.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

another dosage of TOMS

last night at Rider University was the annual TOMS Party. 

I started the TOMS club 3 years ago.
Since the start we have sold {and therefore donated} 
around 400 pairs of shoes.

It has been quite an adventure!
This is the current TOMS president- Courtney {also one of my best friends eva}

& yes my friends I am wearing:
my newest TOMS addition to my collection:

Speaking of TOMS here is my outfit post for today:
What I Wore: TOMS black wedges, Levis Jeans, floral shirt- thrifted, black belt-, pink watch- Michael Kors, lots of string bracelets, leopard gasses =)

Speaking of shoes, I had to add: 
to my Smashion store {$8}.
I was so sad but they are just too small {Size 5}
But they are super cute, so get um if they will fit ya ;)

Get at my give-a-way if you wanna! & do some shoppin'

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rock What You Got

I am starting a revolution in my closet 
{you should totally join!}
I am calling it- Rock What You Got

I recently did the 30/30 Challenge {check mine out here} created by Kendi
The 30/30 is exactly like a crash diet for shopping.
Rock What You Got is a life improvement plan.
I realized after a recent shopping spree
That I can't physically do this anymore. 
Seriously. Not. A. Damn. Thing. Can. Fit. Anymore. 
& I don't need a damn thing
I don't even remember that I own half of the things I do. & I am tired of feeling like I waste my money & never wear anything I own

So here is my plan: 
I have set my limit to $150 a month 
{this does not include gifts/gas} 
but includes everything else. 

I will be keeping track of my spending in the side bar.
Any left over money {if there is any} will be rolled over to the next month. 

So say I want this bag:
from Tory Burch {which I totally do- along with a million other things...} 
It is $315-- that means I would have to save for a little over 2 months to afford it on 

Feel free to grab a button & join in. 
Set your own budget & lets actually wear the things we own for a change instead of always wanting "more" "new" things.

Who is with me?

P.S. enter my Give-A-Way if you wanna

Sunday, April 24, 2011

away for the weekend =) /I'm backkkk

Happy Easter Weekend {if you are into such things}

I will be away {partying tonight with my friends, then NY to see my family}. So this post will be replaced by a large recap =)

everyone take care!! <3

This is that recap: 
friday: Alpha Xi Delta- Senior Sunrise (my little sister is graduating) 
Me & my little =) 
My very large {and beautiful} greek family =)
What I Wore: leopard print shirt- PacSun, purple undershirt & sparkly skirt (was really long and my mom hemmed it =)- forever 21, not pictured: Lorissa Pumps by Sam Edelman {amazing but 6 inches tall so don't last too long on...}. Accessories: appetime "bubble gum" watch (gift), leopard glasses =)
saturday & sunday:  NY to see my famiglia {yes I am Italian}
What I Wore Saturday: pink & navy flip flops- A&F outlet in S.C., Seven Jeans- hautelook, polka dot tank- PacSun, purple undershirt- forever21, navy blue heart cardigan- PacSun. Accessories:  appetime "bubble gum" watch (gift), butterfly ring- Leanna's etsy shop {talked about this ring here. <3 it!!}, leopard glasses =)

What I Wore {Easter} sunday: blue flats- payless, stripped skirt & red belt- forever 21, polka dot tank as under shirt- PacSun, pink blouse- thrifted Trenton Rescue Mission thrift store, Crochet Cardi- EMBERvintageAccessories:  appetime "bubble gum" watch (gift), butterfly ring- Leanna's etsy shop {talked about this ring here. <3 it!!} assorted bracelets {check out my new green & gold bracelet from H&M in boston}, leopard glasses =)
Check out the details =)
hope everyone had a great one <3

I also received the: 
Thank you so much: Chez-Mode =)

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

shoppin' all day err day

well my errands today turned into a bit of a shopping spree 
[thanks mom!]
 What I Got: blue polka dot tank: PacSun ($10), leopard & black stockings: random store in mall [looking everywhere for these!] ($10), stripped skirt & red belt [I have been stalking this one from American Apparel ($38)] but this one is from: Forever 21 ($15 & with a sweet belt = super happy), gold sparkly nail polish, hot pink, light purple (3/$5) and neon yellow ($1): Five Below, red sparkly undies: Victoria Secret (free) [anyone else obsessed with free panties?! Cause I am!]
What I Got: blue heart cardigan: PacSun ($19), Leopard print crop top: PacSun ($15), black studded shoulder hoodie: PacSun ($4- amazing!)
Guess what else came in today?! See that pretty little Crochet Cardi? YES! It came today from EMBERvintage [with an adorable note and those super cool earrings!!] Even prettier in person, can't wait to style this guy will order from her again fo' sho', 
super cute stuff + super sweet girl = perfection, check it out! =)

What I Wore today: banana yellow flats: Kmart ($4) [story time: one time a woman told me I was "brave" for wearing these... I was like uh... okay...], grey stockings: Betsey Johnson, flower skirt: thrifted ARC thrift store in Denver [and severely hemmed- thanks again mom!], brown patterned tank: Walmart ($2), velvet vest [check out that sweet chain detail]: thrifted Rescue Mission Thrift Store, pink ruffle cardigan: Charlotte Russe (gift) accessories: appetime "bubble gum" watch (gift from my amazing big sister in my sorority <3 her LOTS!), Steve Madden Eyeglasses 

Get at my give-a-way if you wanna! & do some shoppin'
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what's all this color [blockin']

There has been a lot of talk about color blocking in the fashion/blog world. 

Here is my take on what I would love to rock:
 red skirt- Vantage Point Vintage's store:
*shameless plug*- Enter my give-a-way to this store!! <3 them!
green loafers- @ lisazain ($23)
pink, yellow, blue wallet- @ EMBERvintage ($19)
pink or black heart stockings- Urban Outfitters ($14 each)
lovin' these heart stockings for a while and they are on my Wish/Shopping List, but I think $14 for one pair of stockings is a bit much-- your thoughts?

Here are some other color-ish things I love:
Get it here- ($20-yes for this whole set. I know--so cute!!)

& this baby:
Talked about this here. Finally made the move & bought it! 

 by  blogger (dwellingandtelling)
(Get yours here from her Esty shop- $20)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

back from boston =)

Here is a little photo montage from my trip to boston =)
Charlie's cousin Courtney ran the marathon and we went to support! What a beautiful city! {gotta make another trip!}
Of course did a little shopping =)

Also crossed off flare jeans from my Wish/Shopping List:
Got a sweet pair from Lucky Jeans in Boston
(originally $115, on sale for $89 with an additional 40% off sales = around $50)
= Perfection. They are adorable & I am so excited to show them to you... but I am a shorty so they will need to go to the pants doctor before I can wear them
{hope they are still flared after they are hemmed}
Here is my outfit post from today: 
{new shirt from boston Urban Outfitters too!}
 What I Wore: leopard print flats- hand-me-down from my future sister-in-law {LOVE these!}, Levi's jeans, Lace shirt- Urban Outfitters in boston {used a gift cert. and it only cost me $3!! <3 it!}
Accessories: Betsey Johnson leopard watch, stump ring from, assorted bracelets, leopard glasses =)
Missed this guy!
I also fell in love with a puppy in Boston {cheating, I know...}
 but she was BEAUTIFUL!
I was also featured in Elaine's Clothed Much blog for her Rule-Breaking-Monday post!! 
I am so excited, love her blog =) thanks Elaine!! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

one lucky girl {with some blue hair} =)

I know it feels like everyday I am reporting
 some give-a-way win...
 but I won a {freaking} awesome one from
 NatalyasCloset. A home made shirt/dress:
This is so adorable and I can't to style & rock it! Thanks so much to NatalyasCloset =)

Wanna know my give-a-way secret? I blog read like crazy- I can't help it! I LOVE IT!
 & I guess a bit of luck never hurt ;)

& I got tagged with a "I feel most beautiful when..." challenge by Rosie from [A Pocketful of Rosie] <3 this girl =)
The rules are:
- Say the times when you feel most beautiful
- Tag 10 beautiful bloggers {I am also changing this to 5 sorry!}
- Tell them about the tag!

So here goes:
- I feel most beautiful around my fiance
- & when I have on an outfit that others have to do a slight double take ;)

Here are some outfit posts/new hair pictures for your viewing pleasure...
What I Wore yesterday: Red flats with gold buckles- thrifted Rescue Mission of Trenton thrift store, Rachel Roy-pants, Gap- pink undershirt, Stripped black and white shirt- J.Crew thrifted Goodwill, vest- Liz Claiborne thrifted ARC thrift in Denver.
accessories: Diamonds by the yard, three heart necklace, & Tiffany 1837 ring with pink sapphires- Tiffany and Company, Michael Kors- pink watch, Silver vine ring- Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Designs, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses.  

GUESS WHAT?! Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Design just posted new stuff on her facebook & I fell in love this this ring: 
Ordering it ASAP. I literally screamed, I have been looking for one like this FOREVER!

What I am Wearing today: white booties- vintage via Tick Tock Vintage, Forever 21 jeans, thrifted tribal t-shirt- Madonna house ($2), Grey Gap sweater- gift from mother-in-law
accessories: Midwest turquoise and white belt- thrifted, Steve Madden pink eyeglasses

Here is a close up of my new blue hair:
I got three extensions ($5/each) in support of Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Awareness =)
I <3 it, I am so happy with them!

I am also going to Boston tomorrow to watch the fiance's cousin run the Boston Marathon- So I will be away until Tuesday! It's my first time in Boston & I am excited!!