Saturday, April 2, 2011

{day 20}

 What I Wore [day 20] :
Minnetonka Moccasins
Levi's jeans
Blue blouse- boutique in South Carolina
purple string bracelet- NYC street vendor (I wear this everyday for reference)
copper bracelet- store in New Zealand (I wear this everyday for reference)
Red string hamsa bracelet from hautelook (I wear this everyday for reference)
brown leather pandora- charms from my friends & fiance
Betsey Johnson leopard watch from Rue La La
assorted sting bracelets market in Italy (I wear this everyday for reference)
Jade red string bracelet market in China (I wear this everyday for reference)
Steve Madden pink glasses
 details =)
& guess what is on Rue La La today?! Chanel! (still kinda expensive but one can dream right? I know I am....)
I'll take this one please
$3,000 & sold out!
happy saturday (making this a better one with no vomiting & such)
& I got the movie Megamind!! (it was on my Wish & Shopping List)


Unknown said...

hello! im rosie :)
i found you through Rai's blog :)
lovely header! :D
love the outfit - the blouse is awesome!
cuute watch too ^.^

Rosie xo

Emma Z said...

Thank you!! <3 my header Rai is the best!

retromilk said...

Lovely outfit :) You have a really cute blog. Maybe you want to follow ach other?

Leila said...

Love ur watch! Great blog

x FashionFifth

Emma Z said...

thank you both =)

Rebecca said...

What a darling top!