Saturday, April 2, 2011

ad for ad sponsoring [lots of fun we should totally do ittttt]

Just a quick note on this Saturday night... would anyone be interested in some ad for ad trading?! 

I accepted my first ever sponsor (via ad for ad trading). Let's all welcome Koi Story

email me- (or click box in side bar) if you want to be cool like her & have your ad in my sidebar in exchange for my lovely face in your side bar. (will run about a month)

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Little Photo Girl said...

Hi and Happy Saturday :)

emma basilone said...

hello! Thanks for stopping by!

Edgy said...

Thaank-you for folowing me :) I folowed you back.

emma basilone said...

thank you =) stop by often!

Leigh said...

gorgeous outfit, and you should definitely get that skirt! i love it! :)

emma basilone said...

I know right... It is driving me crazy! I am in love!