Friday, April 8, 2011

{days 25 & 26}

This post could also be titled: WINNING
yes I did just make a Charlie Sheen refrence... my first & last one I promise
So guess what everyone?!?!?!
I won another 2 give-a-ways!!!
& bingo last night
(which is why this post is delayed)

I won $50 to The Vintage Ramble's etsy store!
Via Thebuttonowl's blog.
I am so pumped! Here is what I am thinking:
So many choices, so little time [or money in this case?]
I am IN LOVE with pretty much everything in her store.
Help MEEEEE!!!!! 

I also won $25 to Apothica.
Via Ginger Girl's blog.
I am thinking:
Can't get enough nail polishes.
I want a cool lipstick.
& I could use a bronzer, see the bottom picture for proof.

Check them out & let me know what you think I should spend my winnings on! <3
as for Bingo, I won a free drink, app, & a bottle of wine.
Doesn't get better than that =)

Here is one thing that I did not win:
It was here.

Who ever outbid my $20 with $20.50, thanks for saving me from myself.
Now I can finish my 30/30 successfully...

Here are my outfits from the past 2 days:

my beach shoot on our way to bingo @ the fishing club
Got beeped at during the first picture... interesting...
What I Wore [day 25]:
Star loafers via ARC thrift store
Grey trouser pants- Gap
Blue blouse- boutique in South Carolina
Black cardigan- TJMaxx
Vintage Gucci bag (one of my prize positions)
Michael Kors pink watch
pearl bracelets- Gift- fiance from Ecuador

I am exhausted from this work week
What I Wore [day 26]:

Steve Madden nude Sofieee flats

Seven jeans
Red stripped shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift (under)
Blue stripped & lace shirt via ARC thrift store
Grey blazer- Ralph Lauren via ARC thrift store
Michael Kors pink watch
Steve Madden pink eye glases


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I would go with that sassy black jacket. It is a good basic that you could wear a million ways.

A girl can never get enough lipstick/gloss - but I am a huge fan of the sparitual nail polish. It is chemical free and stays on forever.

You are such a lucky girl! How are you finding out about all of these giveaways. Do tell.

Emma Z said...

I am addicted to blog reading haha. I know the black jacket is sweet... they have a similar brown one that I would totally be into but it's a little too small =(

I am thinking the loafers cause they are on my wish/shopping list & maybe the stripped cardi but I do LOVE those boots! It's so tough!

FMT Donor said...

Jackpot!! Congratulations!

I say go for red necktie blouse... so pretty... *purrr*

Congrats again! :D

Unknown said...

i love your blue blouse!
i need more blouses, they're so summery :)
i think you should get the 3 tone boots from the vintage store ;)

Rosie xo

Sanam said...

Awesome looks, and wow, 2 giveaways! You lucky thing :D


Emma Z said...

I know I just can;t decide!! Those boots ARE amazing though... I just have so many already...

GoodFrameofMind said...

Congrats, congrats - so many great choices to choose from! You have a tough (free) job ahead of yourself :)

Marie said...

buy all of it!!

oomph. said...

congrats!!!! i'm into those bow blouses, so the red would be my choice...but floral shoes would be cute too!

Emma Z said...

I know right marie?!?! I WISH!! & I agree the red blouse is so CUTE!