Thursday, April 21, 2011

what's all this color [blockin']

There has been a lot of talk about color blocking in the fashion/blog world. 

Here is my take on what I would love to rock:
 red skirt- Vantage Point Vintage's store:
*shameless plug*- Enter my give-a-way to this store!! <3 them!
green loafers- @ lisazain ($23)
pink, yellow, blue wallet- @ EMBERvintage ($19)
pink or black heart stockings- Urban Outfitters ($14 each)
lovin' these heart stockings for a while and they are on my Wish/Shopping List, but I think $14 for one pair of stockings is a bit much-- your thoughts?

Here are some other color-ish things I love:
Get it here- ($20-yes for this whole set. I know--so cute!!)

& this baby:
Talked about this here. Finally made the move & bought it! 

 by  blogger (dwellingandtelling)
(Get yours here from her Esty shop- $20)

Get at my give-a-way if you wanna!
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claarax. said...


Kristen Leo said...

i am also loving color for this summer! <3

Jessica said...

I love those tights. I should really pick me up a couple pairs of colorful tights to wear this Spring before the weather gets unbearably hot.

Unknown said...

LUSH post - love all the colours ^_^

PRENA said...

love all the beautiful colours, great post

sarah beeaye said...

love love love the necklace!!!! <3 plus the colors (but you know me!) <3 you!