Wednesday, April 27, 2011

another dosage of TOMS

last night at Rider University was the annual TOMS Party. 

I started the TOMS club 3 years ago.
Since the start we have sold {and therefore donated} 
around 400 pairs of shoes.

It has been quite an adventure!
This is the current TOMS president- Courtney {also one of my best friends eva}

& yes my friends I am wearing:
my newest TOMS addition to my collection:

Speaking of TOMS here is my outfit post for today:
What I Wore: TOMS black wedges, Levis Jeans, floral shirt- thrifted, black belt-, pink watch- Michael Kors, lots of string bracelets, leopard gasses =)

Speaking of shoes, I had to add: 
to my Smashion store {$8}.
I was so sad but they are just too small {Size 5}
But they are super cute, so get um if they will fit ya ;)

Get at my give-a-way if you wanna! & do some shoppin'


two birds said...

that's so awesome that you do that. it's such a great organization...and some pretty cute shoes, i might add!

Unknown said...

I am so jealous of yous Toms collection! I love the shoes, I need to get myself a pair soon! The pink glitter ones are adorable and I love the wedges!

Meanz (Koi Story)

lady stardust said...

those TOMS wedges are so cute (:
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Nicol T. said...

cool blog!!! nice pictures ;)
follow me I always follow back:)

Unknown said...

I love your top, it's so pretty and cute. The shoes are lovely too.


victoryvintageb said...

So good to do that with Toms, those are GREAT looking shoes too! The pink glitter are my daughters favs!

Meredith said...

what?? that's so cool! i don't even have one pair and you're swimming in them. jealous :)

Elle - The Violet Reaction said...

Yay for Toms! Those pink ones are sooo cute.