Wednesday, April 13, 2011

shave & a haircut 2 bits =)

My hair was driving me NUTS!!
so I cut it off...
hello short hair, I have missed you 
What I Wore: Brand Spankin' new present from my fiance (aka the best fiance in the whole entire WORLD! for finishing my 30/30) Lorissa Pumps by Sam Edelman TO.DIE.FOR! (here), 
{I also got a present for 1/2 way check it out here, spoiled, I know =)}
Levi's Jeans, Pink blouse thrifted via Trenton Rescue Mission, Silence and Noise Blazer (love  those shoulders!).
Accessories: Tory Burch leather cuff, Michael Kors pink watch, Steve Madden pink eyeglasses

Seriously. Gorgeous.

{people invite me to parties, so I can rock these} 
Alpha Xi Delta Senior Sunrise watch out!

I gotta tell you, it was a little weird for me to get dressed this morning... so many options!!
Do 30/30 you will see endless possibilities in the clothes you already own! Seriously. 

A huge thanks for all the support from my followers! {& family, friends, fiance} Thanks for dealing with me, I know I am a whiner <3


Robyn said...

Love the shorter hair. Very edgy. I also wish that people invited me to parties so I would have an excuse to buy hot shoes like those.

emma basilone said...

Know what the solution is? Make your own parties- get the shoes- and rock them- I am considering it =)


ClosetConfections said...

I LOVE those shoes. They are FIERCE!

Closet Confections - A Personal Style Blog

uhooi said...

Amazing shoes !

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Bohemian Life said...

Hi Emma, I just found your blog...and your shoes are perfect! :) + nice change with your hair cut..

Alexandra said...

god,I can't look at anything else except those shoes !<3 they are awesome !!!

alexandra @

Rosie said...

WOW im so jealous of:
a) your hair, im not brave enough to get the chop!
he must be an amazing guy! :D
Rosie xo

StyleID said...

I love your new hair and ADORE your new shoes.... you are rocking!

Lydz xX said...

love the hair!!! the shoes INSANE, id do the challenge for those shoes too :)
Lydz xX

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Yay you! Isn't short hair the best?! Need more photos please.

Leanna said...

Aw, your hair is so cute! Love it!

And those SHOES! Oh my word... I'm salivating right now. Lucky!

emma basilone said...

thank you all! =)

so much love! <3

oomph. said...

OH. EM. GEE. those shoes frkn ROCK! love the shorter do. i'm so ready to chop mine off!

Rosie said...

Your shorter hair really suits you,

Rosie x

Nathalia said...

looove your hair!
and the shoes, amazing!!! seriously

Meanz said...

I love those shoes! They're killer :)Also I love your outfit, so simple and adorable. Your hair looks great!

- Meanz (Koi Story)

Strawberry Freckleface said...

You got those Sam Edelmans!!! I have had my eyes on those for ahwile now...

I am having a Free People give-away on my blog if you're interested.
strawberry freckleface

styled by 3 said...

You did it!! Good job!! LOVE the hair - so cute! Love your fiancé for getting you such fabulous shoes!! And love you for tagging us with the kreativ blogger award last week!! (we're a little behind :) thank you!!!


emma basilone said...

thank you all =)

<3 all these comments, I am blown away!