Wednesday, April 13, 2011

shave & a haircut 2 bits =)

My hair was driving me NUTS!!
so I cut it off...
hello short hair, I have missed you 
What I Wore: Brand Spankin' new present from my fiance (aka the best fiance in the whole entire WORLD! for finishing my 30/30) Lorissa Pumps by Sam Edelman TO.DIE.FOR! (here), 
{I also got a present for 1/2 way check it out here, spoiled, I know =)}
Levi's Jeans, Pink blouse thrifted via Trenton Rescue Mission, Silence and Noise Blazer (love  those shoulders!).
Accessories: Tory Burch leather cuff, Michael Kors pink watch, Steve Madden pink eyeglasses

Seriously. Gorgeous.

{people invite me to parties, so I can rock these} 
Alpha Xi Delta Senior Sunrise watch out!

I gotta tell you, it was a little weird for me to get dressed this morning... so many options!!
Do 30/30 you will see endless possibilities in the clothes you already own! Seriously. 

A huge thanks for all the support from my followers! {& family, friends, fiance} Thanks for dealing with me, I know I am a whiner <3


Robyn said...

Love the shorter hair. Very edgy. I also wish that people invited me to parties so I would have an excuse to buy hot shoes like those.

Emma Z said...

Know what the solution is? Make your own parties- get the shoes- and rock them- I am considering it =)


ClosetConfections said...

I LOVE those shoes. They are FIERCE!

Closet Confections - A Personal Style Blog

uhooi said...

Amazing shoes !

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Bohemian Life said...

Hi Emma, I just found your blog...and your shoes are perfect! :) + nice change with your hair cut..

Alexandra said...

god,I can't look at anything else except those shoes !<3 they are awesome !!!

alexandra @

Unknown said...

WOW im so jealous of:
a) your hair, im not brave enough to get the chop!
he must be an amazing guy! :D
Rosie xo

StyleIDnet said...

I love your new hair and ADORE your new shoes.... you are rocking!

Lydz xX said...

love the hair!!! the shoes INSANE, id do the challenge for those shoes too :)
Lydz xX

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Yay you! Isn't short hair the best?! Need more photos please.

Elle - The Violet Reaction said...

Aw, your hair is so cute! Love it!

And those SHOES! Oh my word... I'm salivating right now. Lucky!

Emma Z said...

thank you all! =)

so much love! <3

oomph. said...

OH. EM. GEE. those shoes frkn ROCK! love the shorter do. i'm so ready to chop mine off!

Rosie Savage said...

Your shorter hair really suits you,

Rosie x

Nathalia said...

looove your hair!
and the shoes, amazing!!! seriously

Unknown said...

I love those shoes! They're killer :)Also I love your outfit, so simple and adorable. Your hair looks great!

- Meanz (Koi Story)

Strawberry Freckleface said...

You got those Sam Edelmans!!! I have had my eyes on those for ahwile now...

I am having a Free People give-away on my blog if you're interested.
strawberry freckleface

styled by 3 said...

You did it!! Good job!! LOVE the hair - so cute! Love your fiancé for getting you such fabulous shoes!! And love you for tagging us with the kreativ blogger award last week!! (we're a little behind :) thank you!!!


Emma Z said...

thank you all =)

<3 all these comments, I am blown away!