Saturday, April 16, 2011

one lucky girl {with some blue hair} =)

I know it feels like everyday I am reporting
 some give-a-way win...
 but I won a {freaking} awesome one from
 NatalyasCloset. A home made shirt/dress:
This is so adorable and I can't to style & rock it! Thanks so much to NatalyasCloset =)

Wanna know my give-a-way secret? I blog read like crazy- I can't help it! I LOVE IT!
 & I guess a bit of luck never hurt ;)

& I got tagged with a "I feel most beautiful when..." challenge by Rosie from [A Pocketful of Rosie] <3 this girl =)
The rules are:
- Say the times when you feel most beautiful
- Tag 10 beautiful bloggers {I am also changing this to 5 sorry!}
- Tell them about the tag!

So here goes:
- I feel most beautiful around my fiance
- & when I have on an outfit that others have to do a slight double take ;)

Here are some outfit posts/new hair pictures for your viewing pleasure...
What I Wore yesterday: Red flats with gold buckles- thrifted Rescue Mission of Trenton thrift store, Rachel Roy-pants, Gap- pink undershirt, Stripped black and white shirt- J.Crew thrifted Goodwill, vest- Liz Claiborne thrifted ARC thrift in Denver.
accessories: Diamonds by the yard, three heart necklace, & Tiffany 1837 ring with pink sapphires- Tiffany and Company, Michael Kors- pink watch, Silver vine ring- Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Designs, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses.  

GUESS WHAT?! Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Design just posted new stuff on her facebook & I fell in love this this ring: 
Ordering it ASAP. I literally screamed, I have been looking for one like this FOREVER!

What I am Wearing today: white booties- vintage via Tick Tock Vintage, Forever 21 jeans, thrifted tribal t-shirt- Madonna house ($2), Grey Gap sweater- gift from mother-in-law
accessories: Midwest turquoise and white belt- thrifted, Steve Madden pink eyeglasses

Here is a close up of my new blue hair:
I got three extensions ($5/each) in support of Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Awareness =)
I <3 it, I am so happy with them!

I am also going to Boston tomorrow to watch the fiance's cousin run the Boston Marathon- So I will be away until Tuesday! It's my first time in Boston & I am excited!! 


Unknown said...

hope you have fun in boston :D
you look lovely in your photos ! :))
niiice blue hair :D
Rosie xo

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Thanks for the lovely award - how wonderful. I will repost next week :)

Love the shirt dress. How is it you win all of these give aways? Its so cool!

Unknown said...

Wow, thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate it, and you are too sweet :)

- Meanz (Koi Story)

Jenny said...

That is such a great dress from the giveaway! You lucky duck :-) Have fun in Boston!! xoxo

Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, extensions look amazing!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!!!


Unknown said...

Congrats on winning that plaid top! You're so lucky, haha.

Great outfit too :)

Lubna | elle VOX

The Mad Twins said...

congrats that you won with the giveaway! it is really a nice shirt-dress. Love it.

Camilla said...

congrats on the giveaway :)

x Camilla

Emilie said...

love that first outfit!!


Izzy said...

Gosh I love your glasses! Plus wow you're so lucky with your giveaways! Plus thanks for the fab comment, new post up :)

Piril Maria said...

What a great post. Simply greatness! =)

♥ Love,

Elle - The Violet Reaction said...

ooh, that tribal shirt is so cute!

Sent your ring this morning! :)

Emma Z said...

thank you all =) I am back & had a great time!