Wednesday, August 31, 2011


                                 Wordle: diversity

This week is my MSLI Summer Bridge Program that I run for multicultural incoming freshman students as a Graduate Assistant.
For those of you who don't know, I am an Italian {my dad was born there moved here in high school} 
I also come from a bilingual household. 

Today we are going to Phila to tour the African American Museum and the Jewish American Museum. 
Then later tonight... we are going to see "The Help"!! 

Tomorrow= community service!

I am excited but exhausted from this week! 
Back to blogging soon...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

still standing!

We have officially survived Hurricane Irene {trees are down and there is some flooding around, but we have been really lucky in our humble abode-- still have power!}

This is the first of many hurricanes at the Jersey Shore, so lets hope we are always this lucky. 

Anyways here is an outfit from a couple days ago,
I am really enjoying my new clothes from the Hilton Head, SC Tanger outlets =)
They have breathed new life into my wardrobe!
What I Wore: purple studded shoes- mwvintage {my new favorites!}, jean skirt- A&F via Hilton Head Outlets {$12!}, lace shirt- Khols {$4}, green printed blazer- Silence & Noise Urban Outfitters.
Accessories: purple studded belt- American Eagle via Hilton Head Outlets {$14}

Seriously I love these shoes:
& the mwvintage store!

Speaking of esty I just got some super cute new art for my apartment:
Adorable!! {& great prices!} Check out the artist nicola! She is super nice & helpful & has some really cute stuff!

Love her earrings too:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

calm before the storm

Anyone reading this from the east coast? did you take in your deck furniture? 
Because Irene is coming...
Our grocery stores are out of water and bread, and people are freaking out. 
My tub is filled in case we loose water and need to flush the toilet {parents advice...}

Before Irene gets here, I went to Princeton to get some ice cream at the Bent Spoon =)

Our friend joe park has been staying with us until he has to go back to South Korea =''''(
What I Wore: highlighter yellow tee- American Eagle Outlet in Hilton Head, South Carolina, jean shorts & pink/blue "jelly" sandals- Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet in Hilton Head.
Accessories: thrifted navajo bag- Rescue Mission Thrift Store Trenton, NJ, Diamonds by the yard- Tiffany & Co {gift from fiance}, coral ring- Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Designs, pink eyeglasses- Steve Madden.

Do you see anything pink in my hair?!
Yup, I got a feather =) I have wanted to for a while so as a spare of a moment thing I got one today in Princeton...
<3 it!
Some other photos from our outing:
The fiance, me & joe park  
Love these boys <3
{I am going to miss him}

Me & the fiance

Well to everyone stuck in this storm: drink lots of wine, catch up on reading and enjoy the company of who ever you are suck with =)
getting there...

In the mean time, I am drinking tequila sunrises and playing Yahtzee 
{hello kitty yahtzee to be exact}
Talk about arm candy.
& yes my hand it small enough to fit in my hello kitty yahtzee...
Creepy, I know.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Charleston, SC {aka my future home?}

Before being reluctantly dropped off at the airport yesterday I went to Charleston, Sc. 

I love this city, it is so pretty!

We ate at: 
AMAZING restaurant {best shrimp & grits around!}
Even just from this picture, look at how pretty the sky is & those tropical trees and painted buildings =)

By the harbor:

 Ignore the trash {yuck!} but there is a turtle in the middle of this picture!

now the background on my computer
Seriously beautiful =) Me & the fiance hope to live here someday
{after grad school + wedding}

Me & my mom <3

I felt like a real blogger in these pictures
AKA I need a brick wall to post in front of =)

What I wore: snake print red sandals- payless {I think}, A&F grey skirt & pink belt {at Hilton Head outlets: skirt = $15, belt = $4}, tan tank top- Walmart {$4}
Accessories: western doctor bag- Rescue Mission thrift store Trenton NJ, Black RayBan wayfare sunglasses- Rx from Hong Kong lenscrafters <3 these!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

back from hilton head, back to work =(

I flew home last night from Myrtle Beach to make sure I was back at work for my Graduate Assistantship. 

I miss this place:

O & hello hurricane Irene- Check out this picture that Matthew Bouraee (a guy I went to high school with that now plays soccer for the Puerto Rico Islanders) took (I found it on facebook):
In other news, I did some amazing shopping at the Tanger Outlets in Hilton Head:
A&F steals =)
got all this for $150:
1 pair of pants, 4 skirts, 1 jean shorts, 1 pink blouse, 1 super cool vest, & a belt
& here is what I wore to work today: 

What I Wore: {lots of new clothes from my outlet binge!} brown flats- PacSun outlet {$16}, tan floral skirt & pink button up blouse- A&F outlet {skirt= $15, blouse= $30}, white tank- GAP {$4}. Leopard glasses

Back to work & found this at my desk this morning :)
cool kid name tag 

Monday, August 22, 2011

life's good =)

Hello from Hilton Head, South Carolina!

It is so pretty here, love relaxing!

 Sitting on the beach =) 

Started a new book too "Room" by Emma Donoghue {written by an Emma it must be good!}
{"The Help" was incredible-- read it!

Tanger Outlet's tomorrow!! {seriously great sales last year- let's see what this year has to offer!}

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have talked the artist James Gulliver Hancock before: {View his blog here.}

He sometimes does free post cards of his art & guess who scored one... THIS GUY!

So cool but I still really want:


Might be asking for it for my birthday, but then I gotta get it framed for my New York theme bedroom.

[he also does custom ones... mom Christmas present?! maybe...]

Saturday, August 20, 2011

UPDATED: bucket list of bracelets

For a while now I have been lusting after some high end arm candy:

 1st up: Cartier LOVE bracelet- running around $5,500 this one will have to be saved up for {wedding present, honey *wink wink* <3 }
2nd- Louis Vuitton "Keep it" bracelet- the darker one will probably by my birthday present to myself {less than one month until my birthday!!}- $190
3rd- David Yurman- the more I see these the more the grow on me. I will own it, one day- $500

I also really want:
From Boticca - LeiVanKash $150 

I just ordered this baby from Etsy:
$25 & I am excited!

& I ordered this rosary {in black- love the red one, but I already have a red hamsa}:

= arm candy will be AWESOME.
For the record I have always warn a lot of bracelets they just got more awesome recently. 

& I have been stalking {for a while}: 
 [Alex and Ani]$48 
reminds me of something I have & love on my wall:

All of these are now on my list =)
{view updated Wish/Shopping list}
{a girl can dream, or better yet work towards these}
Once I score the above bracelets... I will never take them off 
But for now my arm candy will grow a little with the addition of: 

Not fancy like my bucket list above but fun & colorful! Just ordered some for me & my sisters =)

Got them in like 1 day and they are super cute!!

Here is my current arm candy:
Top wrist: pink neon bracelet {I have a bunch of these, email me if you want me to send you one =}, rainbow bracelets {I have warn these my whole life- I get them from markets when I go to Italy to visit my family}, Skull bracelet- Tibet store in Denver, Silver bracelet- Christmas present from my fiancé's grandpa & his gf.

Bottom wrist: silver wrapped copper bracelet- store in New Zealand, evil eye bracelet- gift from fiancé from M Rocks Jewelry, pink & yellow- Bracedlets, red hamsa bracelet- gift from fiancé {via hautelook}, green bracelet with beads- found at school. 

& I have decided to join:
This is so cool!! You get a partner and send them a bracelet and they send you one too! 
I am so excited! 
Check out Chasing Davies blog & get involved! 

This post was inspired by this refinery29 article & the never ending arm candy warn by Man Repeller. <3

Friday, August 19, 2011

hilton head =)

Hello everyone! 

I am leaving for a few days to go to Hilton Head, South Carolina with my family & fiance. 
I am so pumped for this break from work {it is much needed}, so let the fun begin =)

In the mean time here are a few of my favorite things right now: 

#1: My University has a new garden where you can go on Thursdays go get free produce!
It is so pretty & a great idea! 

#2: New Betsey Johnson watches:
LOVE the gold one {maybe my next watch?!?!} ($245)
But the Marilyn Monroe -ish ones are so cute!  ($65)

#3: These freakin' cute flats:
I saw them on Viva Luxury's blog!
Get um here ($45)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Generation Y:: Collaborating is what I do best: Woolmark

I was invited to join in on a really cool campaign: 
Check out their facebook page
site, there are so many looks- lots of inspiration 
It is so cute & interactive! 

My favorite look is: 
Sweet hair, eyeglasses, shoes, & ANIMAL print?!?! 
Yes please =) 
you have my vote!

I gotta get me some wool to enter my look <3
you should get some & get involved too =)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

rue la la... ooo la laaaa

Every friend I invite, gets $10 to spend! 
If you have ever hesitated to get on Rue La La {click this link for an invite!}, now is the timeee!!!

Because guess who is coming to Rue La La Friday: 
I am excited {my wallet might be crying...
or maybe I will be since I probably still can't afford one but they are so cute!}
They are normally $1,200 so I am interested to see Rue La La's price =)

So join & get $10 towards your first purchase! 
do ittt