Saturday, August 27, 2011

calm before the storm

Anyone reading this from the east coast? did you take in your deck furniture? 
Because Irene is coming...
Our grocery stores are out of water and bread, and people are freaking out. 
My tub is filled in case we loose water and need to flush the toilet {parents advice...}

Before Irene gets here, I went to Princeton to get some ice cream at the Bent Spoon =)

Our friend joe park has been staying with us until he has to go back to South Korea =''''(
What I Wore: highlighter yellow tee- American Eagle Outlet in Hilton Head, South Carolina, jean shorts & pink/blue "jelly" sandals- Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet in Hilton Head.
Accessories: thrifted navajo bag- Rescue Mission Thrift Store Trenton, NJ, Diamonds by the yard- Tiffany & Co {gift from fiance}, coral ring- Alicia-Lynn-Jewelry-Designs, pink eyeglasses- Steve Madden.

Do you see anything pink in my hair?!
Yup, I got a feather =) I have wanted to for a while so as a spare of a moment thing I got one today in Princeton...
<3 it!
Some other photos from our outing:
The fiance, me & joe park  
Love these boys <3
{I am going to miss him}

Me & the fiance

Well to everyone stuck in this storm: drink lots of wine, catch up on reading and enjoy the company of who ever you are suck with =)
getting there...

In the mean time, I am drinking tequila sunrises and playing Yahtzee 
{hello kitty yahtzee to be exact}
Talk about arm candy.
& yes my hand it small enough to fit in my hello kitty yahtzee...
Creepy, I know.

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