Monday, August 15, 2011

who wore a crop top to work... ==> this girl

Scored this baby when I went to Udelco. Couldn't resist the bright colors, stripes & total 80's look to it!

Really, I wore it today with a blazer:
Because my office is like 20 below. 

What I Wore: floral flats- $4 from target, Seven Jeans- via hautelook, orange tank- old navy, crop top- thrifted via Udelco, Blazer- thrifted via Rescue Mission in Trenton. Accessories: Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses. 

Seriously these shoes make me smile =) 

View from the deck of my apartment. 
I am beginning to think that I live in Seattle... it has been pouring. 
But it is so pretty & green at the same time =) 

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two birds said...

love the top, love the the view from your apartment!