Sunday, August 28, 2011

still standing!

We have officially survived Hurricane Irene {trees are down and there is some flooding around, but we have been really lucky in our humble abode-- still have power!}

This is the first of many hurricanes at the Jersey Shore, so lets hope we are always this lucky. 

Anyways here is an outfit from a couple days ago,
I am really enjoying my new clothes from the Hilton Head, SC Tanger outlets =)
They have breathed new life into my wardrobe!
What I Wore: purple studded shoes- mwvintage {my new favorites!}, jean skirt- A&F via Hilton Head Outlets {$12!}, lace shirt- Khols {$4}, green printed blazer- Silence & Noise Urban Outfitters.
Accessories: purple studded belt- American Eagle via Hilton Head Outlets {$14}

Seriously I love these shoes:
& the mwvintage store!

Speaking of esty I just got some super cute new art for my apartment:
Adorable!! {& great prices!} Check out the artist nicola! She is super nice & helpful & has some really cute stuff!

Love her earrings too:


Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! I love how you styled this outfit. Thank goodness you are safe and still have power!

two birds said...

i love this outfit! that skirt is so cute and flattering. i'm glad to hear you are well and not too affected by the storm!

Emily M. said...

Hey,you asked me about custom work...well,since Im very young I never did such a thing,but I'd like to do it.Tell me exactly what to draw via e-mail or on comment.We can work it all out.We'll stay in touch.Btw,I like the top and skirt,and If I were you,I'd stay on cardigans..but I like it :)