Friday, June 24, 2016

exploring new thrift around my childhood home

We went to the Jersey Shore and thrifted at some new and old favorites! 

I have been following Simon Vintage on Instagram for a while now, 
and decided to finally go visit them in Neptune, NJ!

Especially when they posted these milk man bottles for $5!
I knew I needed one!

Turns out they are so close to my parents!

& they have SO much cute stuff!

My sister took home this painted tile trio, and I love it up the stairs of her house!

We stopped at the Forever Useful Furniture on the way home

My sister picked up one of these string art pieces she loves and collects,
and that white vanity of her dreams!

To finish our thrift adventure, we went to Mary's Secret Wardrobe in Wall, NJ

I wanted to check out this couch that is just too cute!

I got a set of 3 brass elephants,
& I found this striped dress and absolutely love it!

My sister tried on this vintage handmade beauty,
doesn't she look like she belongs on Game of Thrones?

We completed this adventure with some Swedish Fish Rita's,
I mean, does it get anymore summer than that?!

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- Milani Mattetallics "Mattely in Love", earrings- Rehabbed Handmade on Etsy, necklace- gift from Nonna, top- thrifted, shorts- Marimekko for Target, sandals- Target, bag- Reed x Kohl's Boxer Belted Large Satchel

To my parents house for some HUGE lobsters!

Time to make the trip home with the pug muffin!

& put our new things in their new homes!
Milk bottle from Simon Vintage

Elephants from Mary's Secret Wardrobe

Got this pineapple lamp from Simon Vintage too

& one super tired pug at the end of the day!

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