Sunday, June 5, 2016

Did this RocksBox rock my socks?!

I got an email to give RocksBox another shot, 
I thought "why not?!"

The first time I tried RocksBox was last summer and it was a pleasant experience, 
but the items they sent me were very dainty, which is not usually my style

This month I think they got much closer to the target! 

I was most excited about this Jenny Bird Frida Collar,
it is so pretty and hefty!
The leather closure in the back is kinda strange.

Rocked all three pieces in some bright weekend wear!

 What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, lips- Essence "Natural Beauty" & Too Faced "Unicorn Tears", earrings- Amy Lynn Butt Chin on Etsy, necklace + ring + bracelet- RocksBox, top- JCrew, tank- Anthropologie, pants- Banana Republic, flats- Target, bag- Reed x Kohls

I think this bracelet was a surprise hit,
It stayed spread out and a nice part addition to my arm candy.

So bottom line, will I keep these RocksBox pieces?

I do like them better than my first set.

Well, I still have them in my possession,
I love the necklace, but I can't justify the price tag =(
especially with my already large statement necklace collection.

I fell in love with the bracelet too,
but it more expensive than I would usually spend,
I love the gold color and even the hubby complimented it,
 but with my credits it comes to around $13,
 so I think it will stay with me as a rotating part of my arm candy!

The arrow ring is pretty generic and I have a similar one in my collection already,
 so back to RocksBox it goes!

If you click on this RocksBox link you can get your first month free!
If you partake in RocksBox please share what you got,
 I would love to see how this works for others!

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