Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Shopping

I finally think I completed my little scale collection!
I ended up getting refunded from Etsy after the ones I ordered didn't arrive,
So I got this one from TKSPRINGTHINGS

Added a piece of coral like I originally planned
& updated our mantel {see more of the redesign process here}

We went thrifting and I fell in love with this little brass floral cart {$3}
& fall bowl for $1!

It is perfect on the mantel too!

Just keeps getting better and better!

I love this little embroidered neighborhood from VintageAfterLife

So cute in our bedroom!

My sister is redecorating her room at my parents house,
 so I got to take my Parkway arrows home!
These were a gift from Michelle {our friend/photog who shot our house tour}
for my 18th birthday I think...

I like them above my "Ready to Wear" part of my closet
 because that is where I plan and put on outfits!
In and out of rotation!

I got an email saying that our Princeton Kohl's is closing, I was sad but I had to check it out!

I was not expecting it to be so empty so fast,
I loved these wood and metal shelves but they are SO TALL!

I honestly thought that the deals would be better than they were,
Some shoes full price at $50 / pair, had to pass up lots of stuff,
but I did get some and saved a lot of money!

These bras were $4 - $9, totally worth it!
I finally found a pair of camo jeans that I love,
these Rock & Republic ones were still like $30, but I used a lot of coupons.
Also got my hubby these shoes, they are very nice quality and went from $100 to $30!

& I got this rug for $10!
Barry loves it!

The only Reed x Kohls bag they had in store was this floral one, 
I really love the one I got, so I passed.

In other news, I finally got a squash blossom style necklace!
I found this on from Fashnvictmboutique on Etsy & I love it!
I will probably get a few others from her!

While thrifting I found this chicken Vera Bradly bag,
 and if you know my apparent obsession with chickens,
I had to get it!

Also love this parrot blazer, reviewing biomes next week in school,
I think I will be rocking this while talking about the biodiversity of the tropical rainforest!

Now time to continue binging Longmire and relaxing!
Happy Sunday!

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