Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List!

This was so fun last year
I decided to give my self some fun motivation & do another Bucket List this summer! 
So here it is! 

In case you can't read my handwriting / a little more details:

- Find a new job {yet again}: yup I am back in the market, my last teaching job was a great experience but it was a maternity leave potation and it has come to an end earlier than previously expected, but I have an interview today so I am excited to see what the future holds!

- Revisit Beer Bucket List! Complete old {from the Summer 2015 Beer Bucket List}
& add new ones, lots have been opening, almost daily, it feels like. I would like to not be so crazy about it but make a point to do some traveling and cross some others for the list!

- Hike trail in Franklin that I pass everyday on the way to work

- Pull weeds / help with the landscaping and garden at home

- Keep up with InTheLeopardCloset (and PoshMark) + prepare for the Aug 7th Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, need summer items want to do a destroyed denim bin!

- Vermont or Virginia Road Trip + brewery stops!

- Do an Escape Room with my family! Loved it when I did it with my AXD big sister and I think it would be fun with my family to test how well we can communicate!

- Take a glassblowing class with my sister {also a left over item from last year's summer bucket list}

- Read {books on/in my nightstand} / Watch {Youtube "Watch Later" list} / Listen {Podcast Library that is building up and update my Library Podcast List!}

- Do a "tatted" post where I break down my tattoos, when/where/why I got them and details, which I have been meaning to for years but finally feel comfortable sharing this part of my life.

Stay tuned to see how the progress is going this summer,
Keep up here with my Summer 2016 Bucket List page!

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