Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fireplace Mantle Re-Decoration

Wow, this post has been a long time coming,
I have been eluding to it for weeks with various thrifting and flea market finds,
& here is the re-decorating process of our fireplace mantel!

Here is a picture of our mantel from our Home Tour last year:

Since then we have moved the peacocks to a better place in the library,
and the horse book ends are now actually holding books there too.

We also got cord hiders for the TV cords,
and the whole adjustment highlighted the fact that our mantel was quite bare

I checked out some inspiration on Instagram
& loved this mix of art and vintage pieces from lovetybee

So we started thrifting and hunting at flea markets!
I love the New Castle Farmer's Market and Flea when we go visit my sister,
and it started off our mantel re-decor!

Got this green kitchen scale for $5!
Which kicked off a bit of a collection...
{candle is from our honeymoon in Alaska and frame is from our engagement party}

Also got this bronze and glass vase during that trip & I added some flowers from our trees
{peacock was a consignment find also in Delaware}

Our sculpture in the center was a wedding gift from our friend Luke, we love it!

After we got a few new items,
it caused me to look around the house and see what would be nice if moved onto the mantle,

They added a little something,
but more was definitely needed!

I went thrifting with my best friend and found this blue sculpture thing

& painted floral decanter

Now it felt like we were getting somewhere!

I originally spotted this baby scale when we went to the flea market on Easter,
& could not wait to go back and see if it was still available!
When I finally went to check, it was!
& I had to get it!
It is perfect to hold this bronze candle, I love the sides that are little lions!

After a sushi date, we went to the Salvation Army
& found this little jar and had to added it!

Now we are talking!

Finally I ordered a little scale from lovethegiver on Etsy that says "Princess",
I had to add it to my growing collection!

I was so excited when it arrived!

So little & cute!
Added a little stone from our honeymoon in Alaska!

Love my little scale collection!

I also wanted this pink diet scale from ShopatMadison on Etsy
& ordered it but it has yet to come,
I had to open a claim for non-delivery,
Which is still ongoing =(
So I probably need to get a refund and order a different one to finish my collection!
I am going to add a little piece of coral from Mexico to the top of that one,
when it finally joins the collection!

So where we stand right now on our fireplace mantle re-decoration:

I love the addition of baby's breath,
we have it all over the house and it lasts so long as dried flowers.

It is coming together nicely!
I think it is much more "us" and indicative of our home decor style!

See other parts of our home from our 2015 Home Tour
as photographed by the amazing Michelle Amy Photography!

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