Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Shopping

1. Oversized Beach Tote - Kukkatori Print {now on sale for $14}- perfect for all my school stuff! Great interior pockets, I love it!
2. Terry Cloth Kaftan Cover Up - Auringonkukka Print {now also on sale for $14!}- these "girls" cover ups are so cute as "adult" tunics!
3. I GOT A NEW MACBOOK! I got the 13" MacBook Pro, I financed it for 0% for 18 months! My old one was so slowwww. These are great computers, worth the investment!
4. Walmart blue gingham wallet {$7}- this is so cute! I love the gingham bottom, it is high quality for such a cheap price, I absolutely love it! Great for spring/summer! {I love my men's Coach wallet from the outlet, a couple of years ago, but it is better for fall/winter}
5. I have been in search for new pink jeans after my beloved pair ripped during the SATs in March, I found these Jelly Bean skinny jeans at the Gap, reserved them online and went in to try them on! I ended up getting a different size and I am happy with them!

What are you picking up to brighten up your spring?
Do share!

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