Friday, May 20, 2016

I think this is the last of the sweater weather days...

I think spring may have sprung, 
but it is sometimes still a little chilly 
(especially in my classroom for some reason)

So this may be one of the last sweater weather days, 
at least I got to wear my whole sweater collection this fall/winter/early spring! 

What I Wore: glasses- LookMatic, lips- Kat Von D "Lolita II",  sweater- vintage, pants- Old Navy,
flats- Primark, bag- Shop Hopes

Time for some Faves for Friday!
I just love the logo and the labels for Mikkeller beer!
This one was brewed with Anchorage Brewing and was an IPA with Bret,
not my favorite Mikkeller but always good none the less!

Shout out to my hubby and his awesome cooking,
a classic yet beautiful dish!

I loved this Google Doodle of Jane Jacob's 100th birthday,
I thought she looks like me!

I thought this was fun and also true...
Like is it hoarding if everything is organized well organized most of the time?
{source, found on Facebook}

I also loled and related a bit too much with this cartoon
 that nothingbutpixies posted on Instagram:

I fell in love with the clothing company Corey,
I love the 80s vibe!

I died laughing at Ali Wong's Netflix special "Baby Cobra"
it is so damn funny!
I laughed for days, in-fact I am still laughing while writing this post...
{not to mention I have this dress from H&M-
as worn herehere during my bachelorette weekend in NYC}

I also binged the entire series "There Goes the Neighborhood"
A podcast about the gentrification of Brooklyn, it was so interesting
and took many different points of view, I really enjoyed it.
Have to update my Podcast list!

Happy Friday,
FYI only 22 school days left until summer =)
but who is counting?

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