Thursday, January 7, 2016

Asbury Park Flea!

I was so excited that we were home for the Asbury Punk Rock Flea Market
it was kinda spare of the moment to attend & I am so happy we did!

I loved the dino entry bracelets,
and that my sister Silvia + hubby went with me to check it out!

By far the most amazing score was this tartan black and white vintage Llbean jacket, it has a hood!
A total score at $17 from Bloodmoon Vintage!

I loved this booth with all these vintage pennants, but I didn't find any I needed

This booth with these drawings on matchboxes was so awesome!
The artist is Will Picaro, our favorites were the "Mars Attacks", the Asbury Tillie,
and one with a Pink Floyd album cover,
they were all so detailed and interestedly framed in cubes or open in frames.

 I fell in love with these sprinkle nonpareils earrings from Buttercup Jewelry,
my favorite sprinkles & now a pair of my favorite earrings!

We went upstairs at the convention hall, the first time I've been up there.
The ocean views are breathtaking

& we got an awesome view of the whole flea market!

There are so many old amazing aspects of the Asbury Park Convention Hall,
I love these old tiles of lobsters and other ocean animals on the ceilings of the second floor,
I love that they have kept the details of this incredible building

We, of course, had to check out The Market on Fifth

I fell completely in love with this jacket from Bridge & Burn,
it has everything, camo lining on the sleeves, and a red polka dot lining in the rest of the jacket,
but for $250+ I couldn't do it,
my vintage Llbean for $17 is much more reasonable for me at this time

A creeper photo of my hubby...

What I Wore: BonLook, necklace- JCrew, top- thirfted, vest- Target {Christmas present from my sister Audrey}, pants- Gap, flats- Marc Jacobs {Christmas gift from hubby}, bag- vintage from my Zia, jacket- vintage Llbean {via Bloodmoon Vintage}

After shopping, we stopped at Kane Brewing

I loved the hop lab beer!

Such a nice day with my sister Silvia + my hubby!

I'm going to try and sell InTheLeopardCloset at the next Asbury Punk Rock Flea Market!

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