Friday, January 8, 2016

Fishing at an estate sale

Woke up to my visiting sister Silvia covered in cuddling puppies...

We got notice from my dad that he was going to an estate sale,
so we decided to meet up!

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- noyah "Desert Rose" + Starlooks "Guilty Pleasure" both from ipsy, earrings- ButtercupJewelry at the Asbury Punk Rock Flea Market, necklace- JCrew, top + jeans- H&M, flats- Kmart

I picked up this Jerusalem painting of buildings, I love it!

& this awesome embroidered pillow!

Note to self- check out more Estate Sales!

Faves for Friday:
Of course this big eyed pug is on my favorite list!

I love the addition of this dried babies breath from my anniversary flowers on our book shelf,
I get to enjoy them for much longer!

I added this Dunkin Donuts ornament to our tree this year,
had to since it is my favorite donut!

I reorganized my jewelry to show off my new LuLu frost necklace from my hubby!

So many awesome statement necklaces!

I also love that I captured this amazing color changing map mug
that my sister Silvia got me for Christmas,
it is awesome!

I love this picture from IFLS Facebook page =)

This Tina gif is just too good for us glasses peeps!

We have been debating about this picture for weeks now!

The hubby and I giggled during the whole Master of None series on Netflix!

On a totally different Netflix note, Making A Murderer is terrifying for all the wrong reasons,
not for the actual murder but for the way this investigation and court procedures are handled

I wanted to share this progression of Wish List / Shopping List collages from my blog,
on the left- before photoshop
on the right- with photoshop
I am so proud of my progress!

I also updated my Podcast list using photoshop & I love how those all came out too!
Check out my progress!

I wanted to end this list of faves with this video that was eye opening:


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