Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Shopping!

I have been looking forward to shopping at my parent's local thrift store 
Mary's Secret Wardrobe in Wall, NJ!

I went solely to get this cross that has been on my mind for months
It will be the perfect addition to my cross wall in my house!
{I will keep you updated when it goes up! LOVE IT!}

Of course I couldn't just walk in and get the cross...
there were too many cute clothes to resist!
& She has the best shopping bags! 

My purchases:
1. Paisley top / 2. Talbots black velvet top / 3. statement necklace / 4. Loft purple cardigan with silver detail / 5. Gap gingham ruffle blouse / 6. Eddie Bauer white patterned blouse / 7. orange ruffle Talbots cardigan / 8. Banana Republic plaid blouse

My sister also scored: 
1. JCrew white little ruffle blouse / 2. Ralph Lauren paisley cardigan 
My mom & sister also got a pair of Ann Taylor pumps 
All for $100! 
Not too shabby for 9 blouses, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 necklace, & that amazing cross! 

I also recently got sucked back into Gypsy Warrior {another AMAZING NJ store}
1. Camo Cardigan {$40} / 2.Space Out Pullover {$36} / 3. Newton Bootie {$58} / 4. Sally Ribcage Cardigan {$30}
Total: $164 but with my sponsor discount {LOVE them} = $115!
Been looking for a camo cardi for a while,
Space out sleeves- I am a sucker for sleeve detail 
& can we just talk about those booties? 
I will be dancing into fall with those bad boys!
Rib cage cardigan = necessary for science teacher status
= success

At the end of summer,
I scored some amazing pattern bathing suits at Walmart! 
Seriously summer, hurry up so I can wear these beauties! 
but in the mean time- amazing cardigans from Gypsy Warrior & vintage blouses!
I'll deal!

Any weekend scores for you this weekend? 

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