Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Wed: Alaska Wildlife Cruise!

A highlight of our honeymoon was a Wildlife Cruise with Kenai Fjords in Seward, Alaska
This required a little road trip!

Of course we had to stop at this little Jerky stand!

& stop for all the beautiful scenes along the way!

& pose for some selfies =)

& we made it to the harbor!

Did a little shopping!
Picked up this little wish necklace, when I told the hubby that the wish will come true when "it wears out" & he asked me if he could lick it...
he thought the stone was salt...
I had to explain that the wish will come true when the string wear out. He got it eventually... 
{haven't taken it off since}

Also picked up this salmon bag. 
I fell in love. & it came in handy when we had to pack to go home

& we got on the boat!

So pretty!

Saw some seals! 

& saw a family of bald eagles!

& some sea lions

those little white dots are mountain goats!

Those are some kissing puffins! 

This island was a military base, people lived here for months at a time, can you imagine the seclusion & the cold wind?!

We arrived at the private Fox Island for some dinner, 
the best crab we had the whole trip! 

& I bring you, 
one of the best pictures from our whole trip.
Too perfect.
{I think he owns that shirt too...}

This island had the perfect skipping rocks
{& some were raw jade!}

What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, top- Ralph Lauren {c/o ThredUp}, cardigan- Jones New York {thrifted}, pants- Seven Jeans, boots & bag- thrifted

Perfect fall bag, 
it was new with tags when I thrifted it! 
authentic 80s! 
Yes please!

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