Thursday, October 27, 2011

Barbarella of the ball: Bonlook

Yes, I have done it again. I got yet another pair of eyeglasses. 
& you know what? It is all Kendi Everyday's fault yet again.

Bonlook is very similar to Warby Parker
I originally fell in love with the Bonlook's Barbarella's in red:
Mainly due to how sweet they look on this girl above I know I know I am a sucker for pictures/models on websites that is how I ended up with my Midnight blue Sinclair's from Warby Parker too due to this pic:

So anyways... I went to get them after thinking $75 bucks what a deal for these super cool specs. Well turns out that when you clicked on the above picture they were not actually $75 bucks but the normal price of $99. 
So I "liked" them on facebook and asked if there was a mistake, turns out there was and they were indeed $99 {whomp whomp}
But they asked me to email them and they gave me a coupon to get them for $70! 
{an offer I couldn't refuse}
But then I went to order them the next day & they had disappeared from the website =(
At this point I was like WTF mate? 
I emailed them and they said that they were actually out of stock  & that they didn't carry them anymore. 
I was like whattttttt
I emailed them back and said I was disappointed and that was the only pair I really liked. 

Bottom line of a long annoying story: They sold me the absolute last pair {the sample pair} for $70!! 
love love love the two toned red and tortoise 
rocking them 
Of course I had to wear them right away in this outfit I call "electric avenue blue" because this shirt is so bright in person, it is almost blinding...
What I Wore: blue & white stripped button up- Ralph Lauren {via Goodwill- brand new for $3- seriously can't beat that}, dark grey skirt- Abercrombie & Fitch outlet in Hilton Head, SC, royal blue flats- Payless {American Eagle}. Accessories: red and tortoise glasses- Bonlook's Barbarella, Hello Kitty gold watch- Hautelook, & the ever expanding arm party as seen here.
Bonlook also does a "BonLook of the month" on facebook, where you can vote for people in their BonLook specs/shades, the winner gets a free pair of glasses! I will be submitting a photo for the month of November {keep ya posted so you can vote for me I hope! or someone else if they look cooler I suppose...!}

As far as Unity Days go, last night Rider University hosted Judy Shepard mother of Matthew Shepard who was murdered in the 1990's for being gay:
She was incredibly inspiring and a fantastic speaker.
She discussed how important it is to share your stories and to be honest about who you are. 
I even got to shake this amazing women's hand =)
Sometimes I got to love my job <3

Tonight Rider is putting on "The Laramie Project"
which is the story of Matthew Shepard
Such a tragic story, but Judy is proof that good can come of anything.
Truly inspirational.  

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Alice said...

wow those are way cute! i wonder if that means they are discontinued?