Saturday, October 1, 2011

lazy mazy... five faves for friday (on a saturday again...)

#1. Barry. How could he not be on this list?!?!?!
I will try not to picture over load you... no promises 
 War with giraffe... barry won...

 Always eating leaves...

 Cuddling with daddy on the red chair =)
My handsome men <3

 #2. I have a new obsession with P.S.- I made this... {getting this book asap.}
Not that I have time to DIY... but a girl can dream
#3 & #4: Shoes. 
 Rumor has is... TOMS ballet flats!! 
Image via Pinterest
So excited!! 

Love these, super cute!! 
Size 5.5 so I am not sure they would fit =(
via Etsy

#5: New D.L. & Co candles from Gilt! Love little details in our apartment =)

Happy weekend everyone, I don't know about you guys, but this one is much needed!

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