Monday, October 31, 2011

why hello winter in october.

first snow fall in October, yes you heard me right, October, snow, in New Jersey. not normal, anyways hello winter.

& yes I was lucky enough to be driving through this october blizzard on my way to NYC to see the New York Rangers {who ended up loosing after a 4:1 lead in the 3rd. yes. terrible. but I did get to see my first shoot out in real life.}
On the Garden State Parkway. Saturday morning.
Anyways... despite the random snow storm, we went to Eataly again. For the most incredible pizza. This time we got to go to the 14th floor to the beer garden: 

With the glass ceiling we got to enjoy the early snow, in the comfort of heat and beer.
= perfection.
really cool place, a must see in NYC.
Then, the Ranger game:
red nails for the occasion =)

Rockin' the blue jerseys =) 
On Friday night we also put our wine into barrels, we won't see it again until July when we bottle =)

 Workin' hard.

getting every last drop of wine
Sampling of course =)
Our barrel =) 
Also viewed some wedding venues this weekend {yes, I am a very busy lady}, still have a few to go. 
Can't wait to book and get this show on the road!

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween =)
I am being a lame ass grad student who has class from 7:20-10pm tonight. Fun. 
I do have a bit of Halloween spirit on today:
2 finger claw ring via Devorelebeaumonstre's store & Betsey Johnson vampire earrings =)

Hope everyone else gets to have fun, and while you do think about my butt in night class will ya? 

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