Friday, July 15, 2016

"I love what you've got going on girl"

I loved this striped and floral outfit and apparently I wasn't the only one, 
a woman approached me in CVS and said, 
"I love what you've got going on girl! Even down to the floral glasses!"

What I Wore: glasses- Glasseslit, earrings- Buttercup Jewelry, necklace- BaubleBar {gift from my hubby}, sweater- Lilly Pulitzer, skirt- Target, flats- Candies via Kohl's, bag- vintage Dooney & Bourke via Poshmark

The perfect way to start the weekend and Faves for Friday is Nomad Pizza of course!

I tried the mushroom and onion pizza, it was good,
maybe not my favorite pizza they have but still good!

& Bent Spoon after!

I have a confession to make too...
I am one of those people playing Pokemon Go
I can't help it! It is fun and has me exploring local spots!

I am Team Valor and did win a gym!
Never thought I would actually participate, oh well.

We watched two Netflix specials recently:
1. The Fundamentals of Caring- I loved this! I thought it was cute, funny, yet honest.
2. Team Foxcatcher- A documentary about an heir to the du Pont family in PA {who owns most of DE too} and his downward spiral which leads to murder.

I finally started reading "Charles and Emma" by Deborah Heiligman and it is so cute already!
About the relationship between Charles Darwin and his wife {and cousin} Emma

I loved this quote from the beginning:

Other faves are of course cuddling with my fur babies:

This is what Maggie and Barry look like when Netflix and Chill...
they are so cute.

Happy Weekend!

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