Saturday, July 16, 2016

Shop Girl Saturday! New Stickers {+ Story Time}

I feel like it has been a hot minute since I have done a Shop Girl Saturday post!
I have got to get on it! 

Here is what is new in the shop this week:
 On Poshmark:
1. Black & White patterned peplum dress size: medium {$25}
2. Ann Taylor Loft tan &navy patterned cropped blazer {$20}
3. Zebra tan and black animal print sweater. Sz L {$13}
4. gold robe style long cardigan. Sz. Xs {$15}
5. White blouse with gold spike collar sz medium {$10}
6. Skyline print crop top from Forever 21 sz medium {$10}

On Etsy:
1. Vintage wool gray one button blazer. Sz 10 Brand: E.H. Woods {$15}
2. White denim blouse with embroidered flowers. Size Medium {$15}
3. Pastel vintage floral denim jacket sz small {$30}
4. Aztec patterned doctors crossbody bag- Great vintage condition! {$25}
5. Grey and cream floral tapestry vintage cross body bag {$20}

I needed to re-order some stickers from StickerMule after the last Trenton Punk Rock Flea!
 I decided to try something a little different and make them "kiss cut" so that I didn't have to write the discount code for the event 250+ times for the promotional goodie bags that the first 250 people get on the line at the event!

I love how StickerMule is so efficient,
they say 24 hours for a proof but it is always even faster than that!

When my proof came I needed to adjust the cut line
 so the coupon code would be left on the page when the sticker is peeled out.
Before fixing the cut line:

I requested the changes and the the new proof was sent and approved in a few hours!

The final sticker design:

They shipped in another 2 days and I was so excited to be ahead of the game,
I am usually a wait-to-the-last-minute kind of girl, but not this time...

So, story time:
I packed up the stickers right away,
 and prepared to ship them to the wonderful people at The Trenton Punk Rock Flea headquarters.
I put them in the perfect recycled box, but had to write the label for the address,

I walked downstairs a day later to go to the post office and the box was GONE.
I was so confused and walked around and looked at all of my husband's "move" spots when he hates things on the table.
I texted him and he said, "Uh, I shipped that box".
He shipped that box. That box with an old label.
I died.

He ran to the post office and they said that it would be shipped back to us "in a few days"
That was like two weeks ago and still no where to be found.
I have 0 confidence in my post office, they honestly SUCK.

I was devastated. I couldn't believe that we would have to reorder,
that was an additional $200 that was NOT in the budget.
I reached out to StickerMule on Twitter out of complete desperation.

I told them the whole story and used the hashtag #getmyhusbandoutofthedoghouse
& they had the best response ever!

+ they offered to reship the order FOR FREE!
I nearly fainted!
They arrived in two days, just in time to send them to Trenton still on time!
That was so awesome of them, I cannot thank them enough
{and neither can my husband, trust me!}

A HUGE thank you to StickerMule, love love love.
Highly recommend!

Let the preparations continue!

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