Saturday, January 14, 2017

Shopping Cart Saturday!

1. Yellow map dresser- spotted at the Goodwill, had a decoupage top and was awesome!
No where to put it though...
2. I NEED these pillows from Walmart that WhoaWaitWalmart posted about, PS when does their collection come out because I know I am going to do some damage when that comes out!
3. This Material dress is TO.DIE.For. I love their patterns, check out this lemon beauty that I also wish was in my closet:

4. Fell in love with these Martha Stewart Collection sheets from Macy's when a friend posted them on Facebook
5. This wall hanging from WonderHillThrifts is so freaking cool!
6. You know I love this mustard and burgundy colors, and this Reed x Kohls bag has BOTH! May have to pick up this beauty, these bags are so well made and awesome.
I also am interested in the Reed x Kohls bangle bracelets & earrings!
7. I love Sharkiescloset on Instagram, this sugar skull cardigan is so awesome and those tanks would be perfect for some upcoming Valentines Day looks! + I love those Hello Kitty pens.
8. It was very hard for me not to leave Kohls with both of these vests...
I am vest obsessed for sure these days!
9. Mr. Kate is one of my fashion icons, this Zara leopard moto jacket is no exception!

I have also been obsessed with these earrings that ilovecatsandclothes got as a gift from her guy!
The devil and angel are whispering into your ears when you wear them.

What is in your shopping cart this week?
Will you click that "Purchase" button even with that annoying shipping fee?!
Let me know!

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