Thursday, April 13, 2017

Career Week: EYE OPENING experience @ The Loft

Yes that blog post title is definitely a play on words/pun but in reality,
this adventure was truly was an eye opening experience!

At the end of March I attending the 2017 International Vision Expo in NYC.
I shadowed Ruth from 10/10 Optics and wanted to learn more about the eyeglass industry.

A new leopard dress from Banana Republic was perfect for the occasion:

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Faniel via 10/10 Optics, lips- e.l.f. "Rich Red", necklace- custom Alicia Lynn Jewelry,  dress- Banana Republic, blazer- Kate Young x Target, stockings- ?, boots- vintage, bag- vintage Coach {thrifted}

On Day 1, we went to "The Loft" to see independent eyewear designers & their new collections.

Complimentary cappuccinos and food?!
I could get used to this!

The first designer that we saw was Peter Coombs,
these one of a kinda frames have diamonds in them!
They are so intricate and beautiful

I also loved these glasses from the Tiers collection and collab with Julia Gogosha,
they have a futuristic cat eye vibe, I especially love the red pair!

Next we visited Bevel and Blake Kuwahara

I loved these matte tortoise and mustard frames (my favorite color these days!)

I tried on lots of Bevel beauties!

The best part of this whole experience was meeting with experts and designers
to learn everything about their brands and collections,
 it was so interesting and inspiring

I loved the wood frames and the textured tops of these Blake Kuwahara frames:

When I spotted this Francis Klien sign I thought
"OMG, that looks a lot like me, in fact I think that is the same outfit I'm wearing."

Pretty similar if I do say so myself...
I loved checking out the Francis Klein collection, so fun!

My cartoon doppelgänger even made it to a post card!

Next, we checked out Budri and their new marble eyewear collection,
WOW, these are incredible. Each pair is different and surprisingly not heavy at all.
I especially loved this pink pair, they are just stunning!

Another collection that uses interesting materials is Lucas de Stael,
I have tried on these leather glasses at 10/10 Optics in the past
and immediately fell in love with them.
They are EXTREMELY light weight, doesn't feel like you are wearing anything.
They are so pretty!

This red pair was nothing but 😍

This blush pair was an unexpected favorite from this line.
I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did on my skin tone,
and of course those royal blue frames are SO AMAZING!

Another HUGE favorite {maybe #1 from the whole day!}
was this mixed leather and gold pair,
 so classy and the perfect fit!
It is true love.

I fell in love with their stone collection too!
Another surprise favorite from the Lucas de Stael collection,
I sense a visit to 10/10 Optics to solidify my love for Lucas de Stael some day in the near future!

It was awesome to see Ruth at work,
she is amazingly efficient, knowledgeable, and an over all GIRL BOSS!
It was inspiring!

& don't get me started on this limited edition Lucas de Stael pair:

I tried on some awesome convertible sunglasses from FHONE,
I love that they can be eyeglasses or sunglasses with the easy addition of the snap on shades,
they are sweet!

Another collection that I was introduced to and fell in love with was Bellinger House:

So many great pairs!
I especially loved the red pair, black ones with the leopard behind, glitter blue,
and those striped beauties in the middle!
Pretty much all of the Bellinger House glasses that I tried on, I loved!

When we were checking out the collection,
Ruth's agent Chris said, "If you find a pair you absolutely love, I would like to gift them to you"
I swear I almost fainted, Ruth said I turned bright red.

I was between these two beauties:

I ultimately went with the top pair:

HUGE thank you to Bellinger House and Ruth at 10/10 Optics for this experience
& this awesome pair of glasses!
Those blue glitter Bellinger House babies are on my radar for sure! 🚨

We checked out the TAVAT collection, I loved the round stacked style,
especially that matte tortoise and red pair!
LOVE them!

Next up was Vue dc Chris M Lunettes booth:

Some fun sunglasses, I love the studded pair!

I also loved this camo pair, and any pair with embellishments (of course!)

Last, but certainly not least, were the Theo and Anne & Valentin collections

I thought the Kama Sutra line was so interesting,
named for the composition of the two pieces intertwined:

Both of these collections are beautiful,
definitely a fan favorite

 I passed this door with these Keith Haring dancing guys on the way to the train home,
and that is EXACTLY how I felt after the Loft Eyewear Show.
Add little glasses to those guys and that is me to a T!

Ruth, I can't thank you enough, this was incredible!
Stay tuned for Day 2 of the International Vision Expo in NYC

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