Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Shopping

1. Finally put these Target skyline pillows on my bed that I got in Sept 2015... LOVE THEM!
Layered them up with my All The Buildings in New York pillow cases by James Gulliver Hancock
2. My Princeton Target still has lots of the Victoria Beckham collection left. I got the Black Twill Tank Top (I love it in pink too, from my original order) and the Blue and White Gingham Twill Peplum Blouse in a size small, I originally sized up and got a large and it was like 3 sizes too big, massive for a traditional size large, happy to have it in a small! (Also ordered the Navy and White Floral Lace Appliqué Sweat Top on Ebay to complete my collection!)
3. Walmart Faded Glory white ballet flats I have these in black and pink from last year and I love them! Happy to have them in white!
4. LOVE these Hunter rain flats that I scored off Poshmark from the seller @carcarskye
5. Cheeseburger leggings from LuLaRoe seller Annabelle Winters on Facebook, this was the pair that I talked about when I bought my lipstick pair!
6. Giraffe print leggings from LuLaRoe via Courtney Skudalski
7. Kayond® leopard computer case from Amazon, love this! Great for traveling!
8. Lots of thrifted goodies from a recent trip to the Rescue Mission in Trenton!

What are you buying these days?!
Have you tried LuLaRoe? Did you shop VB x Target?

Share in my shopaholic status, pretty please!

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