Friday, March 24, 2017

So corny.

In case you missed my post yesterday,
I exclaimed my love for LuLaRoe since I finally tried a pair of their buttery soft leggings
that actually did live up to all the hype.

Those were bird print, and today's are corn.
Of which I was told that my pants were "so corny"
I have to agree. But you know, in the best way.

I was going to wear a different outfit today,
but Facebook reminded me that three years ago,
I found the infamous Ralph Lauren corn button down:

Which is now Charlie's... so we can you know,
match in our crops.

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Faniel, lips- Essence "Cool Nude" + Too Faced "Unicorn Tears", necklace- FIT "Style Shop", tank- H&M, blue sweater- Brandy Melville, cardigan- Primark, leggings- LuLaRoe via Courtney Skudalski

Perfect day for some beers at Brickwall!

We stopped by Rebel Supply Company in Asbury Park, NJ
 and I fell in love with this Jonathan Adler bag 😍
& took home this mermaid esk belt, it was too beautiful, can't wait to style it!

The bag reminded me of all the "Unicorn" discussions on LuLaRoe pages,
as we discussed yesterday with the Q&A with my friend and LuLaRoe seller Courtney.

I found this picture and it perfectly described this concept:

After coming clean about my new addiction to weird print leggings,
I was tagged to check out another LuLaRoe seller Annabelle Winters on Facebook and I did because I heard she had some awesome patterns in her arsenal,
I told the world of my kryptonite and now I purchased these lipstick print leggings...

and may have gotten the perfect pair for a special someone in my life
(details later so I don't spoil the surprise)
but I can tell I will now be spreading the LuLaRoe love by gifting perfect patterns.

Let's end this post with some Bent Spoon ice cream,
because it is my favorite way to end any day.

I got Pi flavor (yes with actual pie chunks!) and earl gray (one of my faves!)

A very happy Friday indeed!

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