Friday, March 3, 2017

Worn Wear @ FIT with Patagonia!

I have been so excited about Patagonia's Worn Wear College Tour
since I first heard about it at FIT Orientation

Had to take the trip to see it first hand!

This van travels across the country fixing people's clothing (Patagonia or otherwise)
to practice living sustainably and decreasing our waste.
I love that they approach it with a "Better Than New" standpoint
and highlight the stories behind the clothing we wear!

 Not going to lie, I was very excited about their sales tent too,
I was so curious about the products offered and the price points for an event like this.
They get items that have been returned and once they've been worn,
they can't be resold on the mass market so they host events like this one!
Some were new with tags for 1/2 the price, if not more!

I fell in love with these two vests:

I decided on the color blocked one, because of course I did.
{not to mention, I just recently got the blue Whoa Wait Walmart vest from their collection!}
I have a similar one in pink and mustard that my sister Silvia bought for me in Colorado
for my birthday & it is one of my faves!
So excited about this one!

Speaking of my sister Silvia,
I knew she loved my Patagonia Women's Los Gatos Fleece Vest,
worn on me HERE!
& when I saw that they had one in a small, and vests for $25, I had to get her one!

Had to layer up my Patagonia vest like a total fan girl!

What I Wore: hat- Target, glasses- Firmoo, lips- Bite Beauty "044" liner c/o Influenster & MAC "Rebel" lipstick, sweater- Who What Wear x Target {on sale for $8!}, cardigan- Target {on sale for $11}, vest- Patagonia, jacket- Llbean {vintage}, pants- Anthropologie, booties- Walmart, bag- Coach {thrifted}, word tote- American Apparel

I was excited to rock my new hat
& some new items I recently got on a accidentally three hour target trip
{more on that later}
but Charlie was not a fan, he said this was a perfectly accurate meme of me today:
{Source: FuckJerry on Facebook}

Oh well, he still went with me to get bagels at Brooklyn Bagel Company,
so I am going to go with I secretly look fly as f***

Another part of the Sustainability week was Eileen Fisher and her take back program,
you can give back your used clothing and the company will find them a new home
or refashion them into something new!
I loved this velvet vest and this mustard sweater, the fabrics were so soft and pretty!

We also checked out repurposed sweater designs from students which was so cool!

We then checked out the Worn Wear College Tour and their presentation "What to Do, How To Live"

It started with words of hope and a call to action by Adam Werbach as we discussed
our current political climate and environmental concerns

We heard from Rick Ridgeway the Vice President of Public Engagement:

I loved that he talked about advertising approaches,
transparency in business and supply chain ethics and challenges.
He shared some old ads and talked about their focus on real life,
 instead of athlete endorsements:

He also went into Patagonia's mission statement and was very open and honest
with what they do well, what they are working on, and what they still need help with

This was bringing a lot of my current classes to life!
I liked his approach to shareholders as well as stakeholders
 in not just their business but our planet

He discussed the Worn Wear program and the future projects with a resell aspect coming soon

I was especially intrigued with this ad that was run in the New York Times
around Christmas shopping time, "Don't Buy This Jacket"
where he addressed that "no unnecessary harm" still implies that in the fashion business
and manufacturing of goods, harm is inevitable,
 but can be reduced by simplified trusted supply chains and building transparent relationships.

The last speaker was Scott Briscoe
 who was part of the first African American team to climb Denali in Alaska.
He spoke about the challenges of diversity in outdoor sports,
the importance of exposure and adventure in nature at a young age.
He was right, people only protect the things they love and they need exposure for that to happen.

Such an interesting discussion,
it was amazing to see what I am learning in class at FIT is being discussed in the real world business
and their message of empowerment for the next people to be in these careers
was inspiring and encouraging.

Charlie got a new jacket too from the Worn Wear event,
I am so happy he came with me on this trip and got to see what FIT is really like!

Can't wait to get into the fashion business world,
10 days of teaching left, then I am building the next door apparently:
{Source: Hello Giggles on Instagram}

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