Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Humble Beauty Opinion #40

Last Saturday of the month means it is time to share all the beauty I've bought, 
have lusted after, and used up! 

I laughed out loud at this meme my sister Audrey tagged me in:
{Source: Tina on Facebook}

I agree. Makeup is fun and I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.
Something else that was fun this month was this Cake Bomb that I got at Target,
it was the first time I tried one and it was cool!
I want to try a more bubbly one but this one smelled nice and had a "surprise gift"
on the inside **spoiler alert** it was a little donut keychain!

I have been loving this month's Ipsy!
This Dirty Little Secret blush in "kitty pink" is so pretty,
 it looks natural and is definitely a new favorite.
This was also my first time trying the Tarte lip paint and I love the color "delish",
long lasting and beautiful!

This month's Sephora Play is also pretty good.
I have to play with more of the products before I can give some reviews,
I am enjoying the perfume and know I will love the living proof dry shampoo!

I also picked up some new stuff at CVS!

I found lots of Wet n Wild goodies that I have been eying for a while.
I got: "Poster Child" {I think this will be great for spring!} / "Boozy Brunch" / "The Sweetest Bling" {the whole reason why I was in CVS in the first place, although I really want the purple version- "Lilac To Reality"} / "Precious Petals"

I also got the "Lasting Finish 25 Hr" foundation from Rimmel,
I used up my Neutrogena one I bought in December and have been wanting to try this
+ it was 40% off today!

I also got the Milani "Make it Last" since Kathleen Lights has been talking about it a lot recently.

I also picked up the Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday" perfume, I had a sample and finished my sample of it exactly a year ago and it has been on my list, especially since seeing how awesome the bottle is!

How pretty are these limited edition Wet n Wild highlighters?!
I really want the "Lilac To Reality" shade!

{Source: BudgetBeautyGuru via Trendmood1 on Instagram}

I also recently was forced to get a new Z Palette because my Hello Kitty x Sephora palette from 2014 recently bit the dust when the bow feel off the front and I could no longer open it,
it was so frustrating and I decided I needed to take it apart to be able to use them.
I picked up this holographic one from Amazon

A successful depoting!

Here is what is on my wishlist this month!

I spotted this amazing "Sea Spirit" shade from Eccentric Cosmetics
in the Buzzfeed article: 
"30 Beauty Product Shops on Etsy That You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner"

I also am entranced with the Nicole Guerriero Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit,
especially that "Forever Lit" shade! 😍

These swatches by AngelaMaryTanner on Instagram show how diverse the shades are,
they all look so pretty!

I also want to try the MAC "Superb" highlight, I love the pink/rose gold color:
{Source: Trendmood1 on Instagram}

I am so excited to see the new KL Polish shades! 
I have been loving the ones I have, they last a really long time 
and are quickly becoming my favorite polishes!
{Source: Kathleen Lights on Instagram}

KL Polish has shared one shade on Instagram, "That's What She Said" which is a rose gold color,
it looks really pretty but I do have two rose gold polishes already so I don't know if I will purchase,
I can't wait to see the others!
{Source: KL Polish on Instagram}

Here are this month's empties:
bath: Dr. Teal's Pure Epson Salt Soaking Solution in "Eucalyptus & Spearmint"- I love this for baths & is affordable! / Garnier Nutrisse "Deepest Intense Burgundy"- Love this hair color! / Simple "Cleaning Facial Wipes"- I don't usually use makeup remover wipes but these were good for those lazy nights! / Dove body wash in "Sweet Cream and Peony"- I liked this scent, this is a good body wash / Dove "Advanced Care" deodorant- I think that this stopped working on me... I have been trying to switch it up / Summer's Eve "Aloe Love"- cleansing wash- I loved this for the shower, I have the Up & Up Target brand version right now and it is also good. / Loreal "Total Repairs" shampoo- I liked this, nothing special / OGX "Coconut Milk" Shampoo- I have been wanting to try this, it was nice very fragrant / Matrix "Total Results" Conditioner- I like this, I have another bottle in the shower now, it is good for my hair because my hair can get very flat / White and Supple Skin & Facial Treatment mask from Korean market- this was fine, a little tingly and not as good as the other masks from H-Mart / Honey (x2) and Avocado Celavi Face Masks- this are MY FAVORITE treat! I love them and they are so inexpensive! I stock up whenever I see them! / bonvivant "Botanical Mask Pack" from Ipsy this was also a nice treat! / da Bomb "Fun Size Fizzers"- from Target, like mentioned above this was fun and enjoyable! / One product that I wanted to take a moment for was that "3 Little Wonders" packet set from OleHenriksen, I am usually not impressed by various serums, treatments or moisturizers but I really do think that this worked magic on my skin. It make my face feel soooo soft!
It is pricy but will definitely be on a wish/gift list!

beauty: big sexy hair "Root Pump Plus"- I have had this since college, yes like 6 years! I enjoy this moose but happy I am finally done with it, it is too large to store with the rest of my hair care / Aussie "mega hairspray"- this is a good hairspray, I enjoyed it  / Caviar "Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist"- I love the way Caviar hair products smell but this spray bottle sucked, I had to move the product to another sprayer to be able to use it / Neutrogena "healthy skin" liquid makeup- I LOVED this foundation, I will be repurchasing it when I use up some other products / Wet n Wild "Photo Focus Foundation" samples- I ended up purchasing it with a coupon for $1 off, I think my shade may be too light, I am going to work with this foundation a little more / Amore Pacific Cushion Compact from Sephora Play- used up the Tan Blush shade, not a great match and not sure I like this type of product /  Maybelline "Age Rewind" in "Brightening- this is my favorite! I am trying to use up other concealer but I really miss this and will be getting it again ASAP / theban "Mr. Write (Now)- I don't like liners like this and when I went to use it, it was hard as a rock / Sugar lip treatment sample- I enjoyed this but not sure I will ever purchase the product / Wet N Wild photo focus setting spray- I think that I like this but I am not sure, the sprayer sucked so I had to move it into a used Urban Decay all nighter bottle, I thought it was making my skin too tacky but I don't know if it is this spray or the foundation / Winky Lux "Diamond Powder- I got this from Ipsy and absolutely loved it to set my undereye area, I am sad it is done, will consider buying the full size someday soon

candles: "It's A Red Lipstick Kind of Day" from Target- I liked the scent but lets be honest I bought it for the container, a little DIY coming later this week, I bet you can guess what it is... haha. / Rustic Lakehouse from Walmart- for under $4 these are great candles and I like this scent a lot / luminescence "Pine" from the dollar store- I like these candles and I will be getting more of this pine scent next winter! / Pink Peony & Rose candle from Primark, these are large candles that are only a few dollars and smell wonderful!

This post is coming late this month due to this little pug who decided to take a poop on our walk
and then immediately step in it before I could pick it up. 😑
Emergency bath needed with emotional support provided by Arnold.

😛 is right Barry...
Thanks for that.

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