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Lets {Finally} Try LuLaRoe!

It is likely that you have heard of LuLaRoe,
probably something about super soft leggings,
Am I right?

I can't even remember my first introduction to LuLaRoe,
I am pretty sure it was a watermelon patterned dress that I feel in love with last summer,
but did not purchase because I thought it was a little pricy and I was broke and unemployed.

I got more interested when my Grandlittle Courtney became a retailer,
here is my AXD Greek Family,
talk about a throwback!

I became more interested in the LuLaRoe brand,
 but I was still just following along in the background.

Until I saw these bird print leggings and wolf Monroe:

I finally decided to give LuLaRoe a try!
When I first touched the leggings I was like, "HOLY! THESE ARE SO SOFT!"
I have heard that over and over again, but fo' real they are the softest article of clothing I own!

I decided to wear them to proctor the SATS,
and honestly I could barely tell that I was wearing any bottoms.
Yes, seriously.
I also couldn't stop asking people to touch them to feel how soft they are.

Absolute perfect outfit to proctor the test day starts super early,
but I felt like I was still in my PJs!

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- Essence "Cool Nude", necklace- traveling, top- Banana Republic, tank- NY&Co., sweater- second hand, leggings- LuLaRoe via Courtney Skudalski, booties- Target

I think that the leggings are slimming, and I am not usually a leggings type girl.
& the hubby said my booty looked good and I have to agree!
Always a bonus ;)

As soon as I actually tried on the LuLaRoe leggings and felt how soft they really are,
I knew I had to talk to my Grandlittle Courtney to learn more about her experiences selling LuLaRoe!

So if you are also curious about the LuLaRoe company
and what it like being a retailer for them,
check out our Q&A:

#1- Q: What made you first interested in LuLaRoe? 
A: "I have been buying from LuLaRoe retailers for over a year now, and the overall "hard to find" aspect of the clothing is what kept me buying constantly! I became interested in the business part of the company when a friend from high school became a retailer.  She was very upfront about the company, and talked to me a lot about how things work.  She wasn't pushy like others I had encountered, which made me even more interested in exploring the option."

#2- Q: What made you decide to sell with them? 
A: "I decided to sell LuLaRoe because I love everything they stand for, and they push me to set goals and dreams I never thought possible.  As soon as someone signs up to be in the queue to become a retailer, they have you establish their "why", and decide what makes them want to become a LLR retailer.  By creating my "why", I soon learned that this is exactly what I wanted to do to achieve goals my husband and I want for ourselves and our family."

#3- Q: Have you sold with any other companies? If so how do they compare to LuLaRoe?
A: "I have sold with one other company, with a completely different business model.  LuLaRoe is very unique in how the business is set up, and in the fact that retailers work together, we are not competition for each other.  People very often mistake LLR as having "too many retailers", but do not realize that we enjoy having women who sell close to us, because the benefits are endless!"

#4- Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a LuLaRoe consultant?
A: "When answering this question, two things come to mind.  The first thing that is beyond rewarding is making women feel good in their own skin.  LLR offers clothing in sizes XXS-3XL, which caters to a lot of women, and there are styles that can literally look amazing on ANY body style! I love getting random messages from women saying things like, "I had my outfit you picked out for me on today, and I got so many compliments.  People were asking me where I got it, so I passed on your information.  Thank you so much, I feel so beautiful today!" (actual FB message!).  Every time I read those, it makes all the hard work worth it.
My second most rewarding part is the financial freedom it is bringing to my family.  My husband and I are both teachers, and we do pretty well.  We live in a nice house, drive a nice new car, our kids are always dressed nicely (thanks to me! haha), but with LLR now we can have all the EXTRAS and not feel guilty! We can book trips, buy things we normally don't, do house renovations, and much more without feeling like we have to think about it a hundred times!"

#5- Q: How does the Facebook store work?
A: "The Facebook store works in a few different ways.  I either post pictures of my inventory in the albums of my Facebook group, or I will do a "Live" sale, using Facebook Live, or I will just post random outfits and goodies on the discussion wall for women to see! It really depends on the day and mood I'm in, but I albums posted every weekend for my group to shop, and leave them up anywhere from 24-48 hours at a clip."

#6- Q: What was your first piece from LuLaRoe?
A: "My first piece of LLR was BLACK LEGGINGS! For anyone that knows anything about LLR, black is like the ultimate "hard to find, unicorn!" I got these over a year ago, when not as many people knew about LLR, and it was much easier to snag a pair!"

#7- Q: What is your favorite piece?
 A: "My favorite piece is my Sarah cardigan, which I have three of! It's a long duster cardigan, with pockets.  It seriously feels like I'm wearing a comfy blanket all day long!"

#8- Q: What is your favorite pattern? 
A:  "I have a ton of favorite patterns! I am mostly a floral fan, and I love any shirt with the varsity stripes on the sleeve!"

#9- Q: What do you think is the most popular item?
A:  "The most popular item is DEFINITELY the buttery soft leggings!  There are a lot of individual "unicorns" that people hunt for, but an overall popular style would be the leggings.  The next most popular would be the Perfect T or the Irma Tunic, because both are flattering and pair-up nicely with leggings!"

#10- Q: Most popular pattern?
A:  "There are a few really sought after patterns, but everyone has their own print they love!
That's the beauty of LLR!"

#11- Q: I have heard there are coveted pieces and patterns in the LuLaRoe community, have you come across any? 
A: "Yes! Obviously any piece, regardless of style, in black is a huge seller! There are also a lot of super popular legging prints that people look for, like these paisley elephants, and right now there is a HUGE following for a baseball Irma and the tie-dye Amelia dress.  I have seen a lot of "coveted" items, and  they are sold before I even blink! haha"

#12- Q: Have there been any pieces that you found hard to part with once they sold?
A: "Definitely! I thought I would keep way more things for myself once I started selling, but it is the opposite! I only keep things I have had for a few weeks because I am in the mindset that "this will sell really well" when I get popular items in."

#13- Q: How often do you get new inventory? 
A: "I order constantly! I usually get 3-4 boxes a week in, which is roughly about 150-200 new pieces of inventory every week."

#14- Q: What is the processing process once inventory comes in? How much inventory do you currently have in store?
A: "Once inventory comes in, I have to validate the inventory.  I have to make sure what I ordered is there, mark it off in my system, and then unpack.  I inspect every piece for any defects it may have, then they all get photographed.  Photographing takes the longest amount of time, because the picture has to been taken, then collaged into an app that I have, and then put into albums.
I have about 700 pieces currently in my inventory. I add a new style every two months or so."

#15- Q: How long do your sales last and how often do you ship out sales?
A: "My album sales stay up anywhere from 24-48 hours, my live sales are usually 1-3 hours long (depending on the night), and I ship within 1-2 days of the invoice being paid!"

#16- Q: What pattern would you like to see and in what style?
A: "I am obsessed with Perfect Ts right now! I don't think I have a specific pattern I want to see... I am obsessed with anything floral or paisley!"

#17- Q: What pieces would you recommend to someone who is on the fence about trying LuLaRoe?
A: "I would definitely recommend a legging/Irma combination or legging/Perfect T combination.  That seems to be where everyone starts to get their "feet wet".  Both can be dressed up and made really cute with boots or flats, and then both are also super comfortable and can be worn around the house!"

#18- Q: I love your mystery bag idea. How do you choose who gets what?
A: "This depends on the mystery bag game.  Some mystery games I have them numbered and people choose numbers, and I already have the packages made up.  Other times, if I do a "random mystery" game, and people get to choose from whatever style they want, I try to look at the patterns and style they have bought in the past.  If this is a first-time customer, I go off of the season we are in, or what I think is a "popular" pattern."

#19- Q: What other promotional activities do you run?
A: "I try to make each sale I have fun in some way.  I did an "assistant hour" where we spun for someone to earn an hour of LuLa with me, and they get to pick out and outfit to keep! I also play bingo on Facebook Live every other week for prizes.  I try to make shopping really fun, and give my customers way to earn rewards!"

#20- Q: Speaking of rewards, how does LuLaCash work?
A: "LuLaCash is credit towards stuff in my shop, earned with purchases or through other events."

#21- Q: Do you train other sellers to be on your team? What is that process like and what are the perks?  
A: "Yes I do! I currently have one girl under me, and we work more as a team then anything else! I am always open to her questions, and we meet up to "train." When someone signs up to be a LLR retailer, the wait or "queue" is a 6-8 week process until they are official.  So in this 6-8 weeks, I really try to give them as much information as I can, and help them get ready for their phone call.  When they are official, the goal is that they are ready to sell that DAY!"

#22- Q: How many pieces of LuLaRoe do you currently have in your personal closet?
A: "I probably have between 30-40 different things."

Fill in the blanks:
The best part of LuLaRoe is: being a part of such an amazing company, and forming a team that is so supportive of each other.

Being a LuLaRoe consultant wouldn't be possible without: my amazing husband! He is so supportive in every aspect of this business, and I wouldn't be able to do any of it without him!  He makes sure our boys are occupied while I have to "work", or he'll help me out with photographing and packaging/shipping.  He really is the best!

Thank you Courtney for sharing all the deets on LuLaRoe!

Since my first order, I recently placed my second order {surprise, surprise, I know}
Would you be surprised that my second order was for the corn print leggings?!
Me either.

You know me, I apparently can't get enough of crop prints...
& these are just as soft, I can't wait to wear them!

I have also been spying on these:
I mean fish print...
come on.
All my print weaknesses in one shop!

I also love these items and when I made this collage,
they would be awesome as outfits...
just saying!
{P.S. Courtney also styles adorable outfits in her shop, I always knew this girl had an eye for matching but she is good at it. You must check it out, and you can ask her for outfit ideas too!}

I think my "unicorn" prints are any and all animals,
so far I have seen giraffes, and camels and I am here for it all.

Bring it on LuLaRoe!

Be sure you check out Courtney's LuLaRoe Facebook Shop,
just stay away from my animal print addition,

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