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Victoria Beckham for Target: First look & Wishlist!

In November I mentioned that the next designer collaboration at Target is Victoria Beckham,
and I recently came across the pieces in the collection!

I was very excited that the collection video had a little Spice Girls in it,
a nice throwback and homage to where she came from:

Surprisingly the pieces are all up on Target's website,
 but of course they are not shoppable until the April 9th release!

There are four lines in this collaboration, Women's, Girls', Toddler, and Baby
and TONS of super cute prints, details, and all at a good price point!
I wasn't sure what to expect but I am in 💓

Let's start with women's,
these are my top picks:
1. Top: Blue and White Gingham Twill Peplum Blouse {$30}
2. Bottoms: Blue and White Gingham Twill Pants {$30}
3. Fuchsia Twill Tank Top {$26}
4. Black Twill Tank Top with Asymmetric Scallop Trim {$26}
5. White Scallop Sleeve Top {$28}
6. Bee Print Button Down Top {$30}
7. Dark Floral Scallop Trim Top {$26}
8. White Poplin Gathered Waist Top
9. Marigold Floral Appliqué Tank Top {$26}
10. Black Satin Embellished Bug Bomber Jacket {$70}

Let's dive deeper into the collection!
I am obsessed with this gingham set, I can't wait to wear it together and separate!
Top: Blue and White Gingham Twill Peplum Blouse {$30}
 Bottoms: Blue and White Gingham Twill Pants {$30}

These tanks are perfect and I think they will fill a void in my mainly patterned closet!
Fuchsia Twill Tank Top / Black Twill Tank Top {$26}

Black Twill Tank Top with Asymmetric Scallop Trim {$26}
Orange Twill Tank Top with Asymmetric Scallop Trim {$26}

Black High Neck Scallop Trim Tank Top / Marigold High Neck Scallop Trim Tank {$26}

I love this black set together!
Black High Neck Scallop Trim Tank Top {$26} / Black Twill Skirt with Scallop Trim Pocket {$30}

A piece that I really want is this white top with these exaggerated scalloped sleeves:
Top: White Scallop Sleeve Top {$28}
Bottom: Black and White Stripe Scallop Midi Skirt {$35} I am not into the skirt, I don't think it would look right on me or fit my style.
Orange dress: Orange One Shoulder Dress with Bow and Scallop Trim {$40} I'm not that into the one halter style of this dress though.

Another piece that I really want this this bee print blouse!
PERFECT for spring!
Bee Print Button Down Top {$30}

I also love the Bee Print Scarf with Marigold Trim! {$20}

This Dark Floral Scallop Trim Top {$26} is HIGH on my wishlist,
the pattern is so pretty and the scallops make it even better!
& Love this orange floral! So mod! Retro Floral Pebble Crepe Top {$26}

Lots of mod inspiration in this collection!
Left: Black and White Mod Shift Tulip Appliqué Dress {$40}
 Right: Retro Floral Tie Waist Romper {$30}

 Top: White Poplin Gathered Waist Top- I love this type of collar, this will be a staple in my closet!
Bottom: Black and White High Neck Sweater Knit Top {$28} also a great classic!

Navy and White Floral Lace Appliqué Sweat Top {$30} / Marigold Floral Appliqué Tank Top {$26}

I really wish there was a picture of the back of this
 Black Satin Embellished Bug Bomber Jacket {$70}!
I am so into these embroidered bugs!

I love this Black Embellished Bug Dress {$60}, I can't wait to see it in person!

Black Satin Photo Floral Top with Ruffle Sleeve {$28} & Black Satin Photo Floral Skirt {$30}
Definitely thinking about getting this floral top too!
Although the set is so cute together!

I also love this floral pattern in the Black English Floral Satin Dress {$35}

I love this floral pattern too, especially with the scalloped neckline!
{Although I may like the top mini floral version in the girls section more...}
Black Daisy Drop Waist Scallop Trim Dress {$40}

This "Wednesday Addams" style dress is so cute, especially with the bunny collar details!
Black Collared Dress & Blush Collared Dress {$35}

There is EVEN MORE in the women's section!
But 👆 are my faves!

On to the girls!
Not going to lie, some pieces in the girl's section are so cute
that I am hoping I can squeeze into the larger sizes of some of them...

 I love this Clear Flower Appliqué Raincoat {$40},
 such a cute idea to show off your cute outfit even if the weather is crappy!

This tea party print is so cute too:
Blush Tea Party Printed Button Down Top / Blush Tea Party Printed Dress {$20}

This was the daisy pattern that I was talking about above that I prefer in these pieces:
Black Oversized Daisy Printed Tank Top / Black Mini Daisy Printed Tank Top {$15}

A few more girls items that I love:
1. Light Floral Scallop Trim Top {$20} I am probably going to get this in an XL and pray it fits!
The pattern is just so cute!
2.Light Blue Gingham Twill Jacket {$30} LOVE this light blue color, hoping to fit this too!
3. Bee Print Cap Sleeve Peasant Dress {$23}
4. Navy Stripe Collared Top {$15} I love the bee collar and the striped yet scalloped pattern, another one I will be crossing my fingers that the XL will fit my bust!

& the toddlers and babies sections have their own cute pieces!
Would it be weird to stock up for a future child {like 2-4 years out?}
Baby: 1. Black Mini Daisy Long Sleeve Bodysuit
2. Blush Bee Collar Bodysuit
3. Mushroom Print Long Sleeve Bodysuit {$13} I really wish this mushroom print came in a women's blouse- that would definitely be my #1 wishlist piece!
{Each $13}
Toddler: Toddler Girls' Mauve Stripe Scallop Sleeve Top and Short Set {$25}

The collection has a few non-clothing items,
I think this Sticker Book is so cute! {$6}
Would be fun to spice up my planner =)
{yes Spice Girl pun intended, I can't believe I've lasted this long without one!}

So what do you think?
Are you into the Victoria Beckham x Target collaboration?
Are you picking up any items?

What is on your list that I didn't fall in love with yet?
Do share!

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