Wednesday, March 8, 2017

falling in < 3

Took a trip {or two} up to Jersey City recently for a bit of an adventure!

Wow, I had no idea Jersey City was full of cool street art, restaurants, bars,
all with the backdrop of a skyline!

I found anastasia.tattooer on Instagram in January
when I was scouting a possible Friday the 13th tattoo,
I had so much fun at the last one that I was hoping to do it again,
I fell in love with the skull flowers in the bottom of the flash sheet:
A post shared by Ася (@anastasia.tattooer) on

But the line was insane and I didn't end up getting anything on Friday the13th.

I saw that they were originally drawn by Shauna on her Shoenvy Instagram:

I reached out to her to see if those skull flowers were still a possibility,
and that maybe we could do more of them and incorporate them around my pinup girl:

But then she posted this flash sheet for Valentine's Day and I literally fell in love!

Decided to do both!
We stuck with the original two skull flowers though,
gotta keep the other side for something awesome I'm working on!


Time to heal and air out these new babies!

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- Model Co "Dusk" & "Striptease" duo, top- Forever 21 {via Instagram shop}, tank {under}- H&M, pants- Gap, booties- Cat & Jack girl's section in Target, bag-  Reed x Kohl's

Time for some Jersey City fun! 

We went to Barcade and had one of my favorite beers I've ever had "Bruery Humulus Terreux",

A cool bar, a great beer and a crazy graffiti bathroom!

Definitely fell in love with Jersey City 
{& my new tattoos!}

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