Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shopping Cart Saturday

 1. The Duel Sweater from Elhoffer Design {$80}
2. The Duel Cardi from Elhoffer Design {$48}
3. Glasses Pillow from shopKellyRenay on Etsy {$32}
4. Animals in glasses pillows from pipdesigns on Etsy! Rectangle {$22} / Square {$18}
5. Poverty Flats Floral Zip Wristlet Women Synthetic Wristlet via Walmart {99 cents!}
These are so cute, I love the embroidery look with the digitalized details up close!
6. Prabal Gurung x Lane Bryant collab is here as discovered though a Refinery29 article,
I love the florals and the leather leggings, I would get behind this sweater,
but I can't stand cold shoulders.

I completely agree pretendblonde on Instagram, life is better waiting for an online order,
deciding what to take from the cart to the shipping stage is so hard sometimes!

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