Tuesday, March 21, 2017

flip it & reverse it- Last Day of School + Ramen Pop Up Recaps!

Remember when I just started my maternity leave teaching position 

Well on my last week, the ceiling collapsed during the snow day 
and ruined everything on my desk, 
thank god that my fish (now named Big Daddy) was home with me 
and not swimming in debris. 

I get it, it is definitely time to move on.
I just recently realized in one of my Fashion School books,
 that my students from last year & this year are the start of a new generation.
Now it all makes sense! 

Last year I found this gem in one of my student's google doc DNA extraction lab reports:

I said, "I don't know what I am more offended by,
the fact that you just killed me off in the most lame way,
or that you think I was born in 1946.
How old do you think I am?!"

I gave this story as a warning when my students this year,
 when they were writing their google doc DNA Extraction Reports
and I got sent this meme:
Never has a face better explained my teaching career.

On my last day my students asked if they could "bring in a waffle iron and make waffles"
Thinking they were kidding after the 5th request I was like, "Whatever"
and they did:

The waffles were surprisingly delicious!
No matter how crazy the year is,
students always find a way to make you smile when you least expect it.

I love this Asian cardigan that I recently thrifted...

Best part is that it is reversible!

 What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- L.A. Colors Matte Lipstick (no shade name, from holiday set), necklace- Primark {gift from mom & sister}, cardigan- thrifted, top- vintage military {I have one for sale in my Etsy shop too!}, pants- Gap, loafers- thrifted

I am so happy with this makeup look:
 blue shadow: NYX "ES 122 Morocco"/ red shadow: Devinah "homicide"

The perfect top to wear to the latest Ramen Pop Up at Nomad Pizza:

We were SO excited for this event because the one in October
was one of the best meals we've eaten!

Perfect way to celebrate Charlie's birthday last night!
& we had our growler of The Referend "Jung" which was icing on the cake!

I, of course, had to order the ramen tots for my first course,
Charlie has the Smoked Shrimp Don and that was also very tasty!

Chef Frank Caponi sent over two pork buns to say happy birthday to Charlie,
 so awesome and they were delicious!

Charlie had the Mangalista Tonkotsu pork ramen:

& I had the Seafood Shio:

& we finished the meal with Bent Spoon's soft serve Green Tea ice cream!

Ah, I love these events @ Nomad,
already counting down to the next one!

Thanks Nomad and Chef Frank Caponi for a great night!

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