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Colorado 2016: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Day 6

So this is the last day of our Colorado 2016 trip, 
like I kinda mentioned in my first trip post
we had to leave mid trip and miss the wedding we flew out for
 due to a major medical emergency.
More on that later. 

This is a long post, which is fitting because it was the LONGEST day of my life. 

Started bright and early because we had a lot of adventures planned for the day! 

We went up Vail Mountain to go to Epic Discovery!
With an ultimate unlimited pass we could go on an individual rollercoaster, zip lining, and tubing!

Took the gondola up!

The mountain is even more beautiful the higher you go!

This view was beyond amazing!

Last look for my Warby Parker Sunglass Styling Lookbook with my home try on!

What I Wore: Sunglasses- Warby Parker Durand in "Saddle Russet", glasses- Steve Madden, top- Wear Material, jacket-Who What Wear x Target, pants- Primark, loafers- Circus by Sam Edelman via brokegirlshop on PoshMark, bag- Longchamp 

Seriously, I can't with this view!

Our first stop was The Forest Flyer rollercoaster,
you get your own car and can control how fast you go!
It was awesome! We had to do it twice!

We also went zip lining!
This was the large zip lining that was apparently a 3 hour ordeal
and not included in our pass so we decided to just do the smaller one platform one.

My Zia, Zio and cousins!
Happy that they came on this adventure with us,
it was so much fun!

The cousins!

We also went tubbing!
This was terrifying,
felt like you were going over the track at any minute as you bumped down at high speed!

When we took this picture,
I was like, "Wait a minute, we are both wearing crops?! What the hell!"
Needless to say, it was a little embarrassing:
#1 because we both own tops with crops
#2 we accidental wore them in public together

It reminded me of this meme that made me laugh a lot harder than I should have:

The weather started to turn, we did everything we wanted to do, and started getting hangry 
so we went back down the mountain

Back to the village!

We got coffee ice cream from Haagen Dazs,
one of our favorites! <clearly!>
The lady working at the ice cream place asked us what we were doing tonight and we said that we were just hanging out and she said that we should go to the outdoor free concert at the amphitheater because it was the last one of the summer and "everyone would be there"
Which gave us the most perfect plans for that night!

We had lunch at Pepi's Restaurant and Bar

I had the Wienerschnitzel, which was okay, could use some more flavor
Across the street, Silvia wanted to check out the Patagonia store
& she found the jacket of her dreams!

I had to try on this cape because #whynot
 The sales associates were like, "you need that it is perfect for you"
& I said, "I can't I have way too many capes"
They said, "That is the first time I have ever heard that!"

Clearly they don't know the treasures hidden in my closet!

But I did find this 80s vest on the sale rack,
the only one in my size!
I love the mustard color with bright pink and blue accents!

My sister Silvia bought it for my birthday!
I can't wait for it to cool down enough so I can wear this without looking like a crazy person!
I love it!

how perfect is this Patagonia jacket on Silvia!
Completes her mountain hippie look, especially with the wild flower in her hair!

I had so much fun with her on this trip,
it was great to get to connect with her since she is so busy in college.

My cousins and sister in their new Patagonia gear!

As per the ice cream lady's recommendation,
 we went to check out the Hot Summer Nights concert
at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater.
The Motet was playing and it is the perfect mix of funk and jam music!
It was great!

When I saw this picture online of the venue, I knew we had to check it out!
It is beautiful!

It was hosted by a Colorado brewery, Crazy Mountain

It started to get packed!

So many people dancing on the lawn and having a great time!

Of course we needed to try some Crazy Mountain brews,
I had the IPA and it was perfect for the atmosphere!

The audience was full of some very interesting characters.
Like this man in a weed suit...

& this man who was so into the music!

I had to take this picture because my mom looked so cute sitting on this rock, jamming!

Silvia in her new Patagonia jacket, in her natural habitat

It was a packed night and a great show,
it was perfect!
{source: Show Love Media}

I've been listening to some Motet since the concert,
these are my two favorites:
Added them to my Spotify 2016 Playlist!
Check them out!

We got a bit lost on the bus on the way home and ended up in a different Marriott in Vail.
This one had antler chandlers and perfect mountain decor in the lobby, love it!

After getting home from the concert, we got news that there was a medial emergency with my dad in NJ, so we had to get in our POS van and leave immediately.

That meant driving through the mountains in the late night/early morning hours,
almost getting killed by two packs of elk, a rain/snow storm as the temperature dipped into the low 30s, the van almost catching fire under my butt, and a smell that caused us to have to evacuate the van on the side of the road until it cooled down.      

Thanks but no thanks to this piece of shit,
good riddance.

Hello NYC,
we are back on the East Coast

I am so sad that we missed my cousin Joe marrying the love of his life Johnna,
it looks incredibly beautiful!
Photo from: Lizzie Randazzo

We got the sweetest video from our family,
they are the best people, we are lucky!

So what exactly happened?

In a nut shell: my dad had back surgery in June which was suppose to be a relatively quick and easy recovery. Well, it never healed which lead to another surgery. He decided two days before we had to leave for Colorado that he was unable to come on the trip. He wanted my mom to come with all of us, which left him at home with our Nonni and my sister's Fiancé's mom, Roseann, who was watching my sisters's dog.

Tuesday night when we were in Colorado he did not feel well and asked Roseann to call 911. Turns out he had a HUGE pulmonary embolism. Thanks to some quick action and amazing procedures by the doctors at Jersey Shore Medical Center, he seems to really be on the road to recovery.

We flew home on the first flight home, the last 6 seats available on Southwest.

We are incredibly lucky that Poppy is okay
and that we were home as soon as possible to be with him.

Stanley is beyond happy Poppy is home =)

Colorado 2016 was truly the best of times and it was the worst of times.
Now you have a little bit on an idea of why.

We need a redo, for sure.
With a healthy Poppy this time!

Thanks for following along with our adventure!
& thanks to our family for all of their well wishes and prayers.

Congrats Joe & Johnna, we love you and can't wait to come out and see you again!

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