Friday, September 16, 2016

Colorado 2016: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Day 4

Good morning Vail! 

Our mountain view is so pretty! 

Told you my luggage was a little too heavy...
so much for my new packing strategy...

So happy that we got to Vail in time to go to the Farmer's Market!

I love these stone stud earrings,
should have purchased the heart shaped ones!
#ragrets {yes that is intentional}

Loved all these skirts, amazing patterns!
Pricy though.

When we were walking thought the market, this picture caught my eye,
I thought, "Holy sh**, that is the picture that was left in our house when we bought it!"

Sure enough,
it is the same picture that was left in our house when we bought it!
As seen in our Home Tour: My Shop
Turns out this barn in a place in Colorado & "Dance At The Yellow Barn" is quite a famous piece!
So weird!

This soldier statue represents the Army's 10th Mountain Division who helped build Vail

The town of Vail is so damn pretty!
I love all the flowers, so does this hummingbird:

While at the Farmer's Market we had some delicious grill cheese sandwiches from Cheese Louise

We sat at this cool bus stop to indulge and get out of the sun

Such a cool town,
as pretty as the pictures I've seen!

Need to see this place in the winter!

This napkin is too perfect for my life:

Vail Brewing Co was a big TO DO on our itinerary

I had the Sour Pale Ale {of course- I love sour beers!}
The Gore Creek IPA and Faceshot White IPA were both good too
Keep in mind- since we are very high up in elevation every drink is like 3!
Makes everyone a cheep date in Vail!

In my third outfit for my Warby Parker Sunglass Styling Lookbook
I had to match my very orange outfit with this bright wall
 before we headed home to cook some dinner

What I Wore: Sunglasses- Warby Parker Tilley in "Grapefruit Soda", glasses- Jean LaFont, necklace- Forever 21, top + skirt- 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, lips- OFRA x Kathleen Lights "Miami Fever", flats- Target, bag- Dooney & Bourke, shopping bag- Vail Farmer's Market {Vail is a PLASTIC BAG FREE ZONE! They are not allowed to give them out anywhere, not even the grocery store, so this is a reusable bag and it is awesome!}

Back to our abode to make dinner together!

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