Saturday, September 17, 2016

Colorado 2016: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Day 5

I think some of the best days on vacations 
are the ones that you just hang out and relax.

Just not without some wildlife awareness, at least not in Colorado!

My 4th outfit for my Warby Parker Sunglass Styling Lookbook home try on!
I love this denim jacket, but I am the only one.
My husband is not a fan and I said {jokingly of course}
"I don't give a shit if you don't like this denim jacket"
and he said, "That is exactly what that jacket says to the world, 'I don't give a shit'"
Well then, it is perfect,
am I right?

What I Wore: Sunglasses- Warby Parker Reilly in "Whiskey Tortoise", glasses- Steve Madden, necklace- don't remember maybe dollar store or a grocery store..., top- Wear Material, shorts- Lilly Pulitzer for Target, lips- Essence "Natural Beauty" + Too Faced "Unicorn Tears", flats- Target kids Cat & Jack, jacket- ASOS  bag- vintage Dooney & Bourke 

Picked some wild flowers for our hotel room!

We got a great sampler pack of brews from Upslope Brewing Company,
perfect for a BBQ night!
{I especially enjoyed the Thai Style White IPA}

Family BBQ!

& hot tub!

A major highlight of our Marriott timeshare trips is always the tie dye shirt activity,
we have been doing it for years, like since I was a kid.
More recently we have done it at Hilton Head and Saint Thomas
and we always love the results!

At our Vail Marriott {we stayed at the Marriott's SteamSide Evergreen at Vail}
they approached the process totally different than I've seen in the past,
we folded the shirts like normal and then dripped the dye on the shirts in these trays.

It was a much more controlled, less messy way to do tie dye!

They came out awesome!!
Some of the best tie dye we have done!

We headed back to Vail village to check out 10th Mountain Whisky & Spirit Company

We did a tasting menu of all their spirits and they were good!
I especially liked the way the cordial smelled,
I am apparently not the only one since they sell it in candle version!

I do wish they had some cocktail options though,
it is hard for me to appreciate straight liquor,
I prefer to pick up on flavors in mixed drinks.

Such a cozy cool spot!

We also got to check out the Covered Bridge Store gift shop under the spirit place,
I fell in love with this skiing sweater but these things can be pricy!

I picked up this Vail shirt for my sister Silvia
and got myself a generic grey VAIL sweatshirt,
both were on sale for $10!

We walked around town and saw these awesome cars with characters in Vail Village Arts

We decided that this one most closely resembles me and Charlie:

I love this village, quaint and welcoming!

A relaxing day today, tomorrow will be anything but.

Still can't believe it.

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