Saturday, September 3, 2016

Weekend Wear: spare of the moment

I found myself looking for stick-n-poke artists in my area,
 since there was none represented at the festival and I was interested in this style of tattooing, 
and I came across RoguePokes on Instagram

I fell in love with this woman in a leaf from his flash sheet and when I tagged my husband, 
JP said he had time open that weekend! 

A spare of the moment decision = my first stick-n-poke tattoo! 

It is such a cool process with out a tattoo gun,
a lot more quiet and intimate

I love her!
I love how she fits so perfectly on the top inside of my arm,
I am so happy with it!

What I Wore: glasses- Firmoo, lips- Hard Candy "Daffodil", necklace- gift from my Nonna, dress- Gap, belt- second hand from my dad, flats- Primark

My exact reaction at this spare of the moment ink!
I absolutely love her!

RoguePokes has some awesome pieces still available,
this won't be my last stick-n-poke!

At Big River Tattoo with JP {AKA RoguePokes},
 I had one of the best tattoo experiences that I've had at in my 14 tattoos!
I love how it came out!

See the rest of my collection HERE!

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