Friday, September 30, 2016

the last of the neon-icans

An attempt at a pun on "Last of the Mohicans",
not sure it worked...


I laughed out loud at this comment that I got,
I am not even teaching this year and yet my students still manage to find me online...

Soaking in some of the last summer sun with my hubby and fur babies

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Firmoo, lips- MAC "Rebel" necklace- Ell And Emm, top- Primark, shorts- Cotton On, flats- Old Navy

I can't believe this week marked 5 years of having Barry!
I love this little muffin!

I also love this guy and this crazy bulldog,
they are so funny together, Maggie loves Charlie so much it is adorable!

They were pooped from our walk,
Barry dragged Charlie's pillow to the end of the bed to lay on...

We have to get a leash to try and take this kitty for a walk,
that would be interesting.

It is Friday, time for some favorites!
Princeton has been doing a ton of renovations,
Check out these "Gender Inclusive Restrooms & Lockers"

& this life-size Hilary cut out,
so creepy on my walks to and from work

I fell in love with these lady tattoos from warahshitehouse on Instagram.
I am adding this skeleton lady to my tattoo wishlist for sure,
Love the leopard lady, she is my kind of pin up girl!

I love this idea of the seniors painting their parking spots,
I like when schools allow students ownership to make a deeper connection with their schools.
As seen on HelloGiggles

I just finished watching Wentworth on Netflix and I was completely addicted,
it is like an Orange Is The New Black
but much darker and honestly probably more realistic,
it is SO GOOD.

We also watched the "Soaked in Bleach" documentary about the death of Kurt Cobain,
after listening to an episode of True Crime Garage recommended it

I have been binge listening to these podcasts lately:
How I Built This: I love this, it goes through how people built these huge companies that ended up in more of a cultural revolution. The episode with Sara who started Spanx is so interesting and she is so motivated and I thought it was hilarious that she paid people to go to the store and buy her products, she is a bad ass girl boss!
True Crime Garage: They go into a good amount of details for both unknown crimes and very high profile cases. I have been enjoying this podcast a lot.
 In Sight: I really enjoy the two women who run this podcast, they do a great job presenting evidence and working through theories.

Added them to the list on my Daily Reads {Library} page!

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