Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Faniel Trunk Show @ 10/10 Optics {AKA HEAVEN FOR EYEGLASS LOVERS!}

As mentioned in yesterday's post
I went to check out the Faniel Trunk Show at 10/10 Optics in NYC!

You know I had to make a trip!
I have been obsessed with my Faniel glasses since my 10/10 Optic experience in July,
everyone stops me to ask about them too! 

I had to see what else this collection had in store! 

I love that 10/10 Optics is right in Madison Square Park,
even on a cloudy day it is still beautiful.

I was immediately drawn right to the Faniel display!
They are so different, intricate and interesting!

Ruth was like, "You haven't seen anything yet, I have tons of cases in this trunk show!"
I almost fainted!

I asked Ruth about the logistics of hosting a trunk show and she said that the designer sends everything they have so you get to see the complete collection,
all styles and all color options!

Some are ready to sell and put prescription lenses in,
some are samples and need to be requested to make and sell to a customer.
These glasses are one of a kind and once they sell, that is it!

I will try to link styles as we move through this amazing collection if they are on the Faniel website,
if not you can always reach out to Ruth for help! {she is the best!}

We started with all the color options available in the "Elvida" style of Faniel glasses that I got in July,
mine are the red and clear ones on the bottom! <3

I loved both the pink and the black pair, especially the multicolored stones in the black pair,
so beautiful!

These blue / green ones are beautiful too,
what can I say- I have a type!

When Ruth handed me the "Nessun Dorma Bangale" glasses,
my first thought was, "these are definitely behind the leopard glasses 2.0"
Deep down I knew these had to be mine...
but there was lots more to try!

I loved them in the blue and purple paisley design too "Nessun Dorma Fantoche"
{second frame from the top}
Top: "Nessun Dorma Picasso"
{these made it to the top 4! Hard choice to leave these}
Bottom: "Nessun Dorma Vison"
I love all the options in the "Nessun Dorma" style!

I felt a superhero in these "Bizet Noir/Jalousie" glasses:

These olive scalloped "Papagena Richesse" glasses were so fun too!
I love them in the silver/sparkly color online too!

I can't get over all these swirls and the fun square shape of this "Acis Vitrail" pair

I love these red and black glasses in the "Dynamique" style

The pattern is so fun, it can get a little nauseating though,
 I love the black and white stripes in the back

The "Lady Isabelle" style is very futuristic!

This is an overload of the most amazing glasses I have ever seen!

Great shapes, great color combinations! 
Check them all out at 10/10 Optics today!

& It just keeps going, 
with every case that opens, my heart skips a beat! 

Don't even get me started on the sunglasses!

These are the "Reine De La Nuit Kaleido"

I am not normally one for reflective lenses,
 but these are just too perfect in the "Nussun Dorma" style! 

The best part of this process is laughing with Ruth the whole time,
as we adventure though some of the craziest color combos
and shapes of glasses that I've ever seen & could honestly imagine!

It is all fun and games until you have to start narrowing things down...

Very accurate facial expressions for the stress I am feeling!
They are all just so beautiful!

Now comes the hard {ahem almost impossible part} sorting them out,
Ruth is so helpful because she groups them to similar styles and colors
and helps you visualize the features of the glasses that look best on you.

Clearly contemplating

I narrowed it down to 5 pairs:

#1: Nessun Dorma Picasso as sunglasses or eyeglasses,
Ruth also suggested making them what she calls "Sunday glasses" that have half tinted lenses
so that it looks like you are wearing eye makeup even when you are not!
Such a cool idea, may have to take her up on that one day soon!

#2: Nessun Dorma Bangale

 #3: "Gioconda"

#4: "Vitellia Noir / Nacre"

#5: "Didon Iris"

Time to pick a top 4 and let Ruth work her magic!

Still impressed by this computer system
 that allows you to compare frames on your face side by side

I love all of my top 4!
{let's be honest, I love them all but...}

Final decision time:
I ended up buying the Nessun Dorma Bangle
& Ruth gifted me "Vitellia Noir / Nacre" pair c/o the Faniel brand!
I feel like these Vitellia glasses are the super fancy, black tie event, 
version of my beloved "Elvida"

Even though I plan on wearing them to EVERYTHING, 
I mean why can't my eyeglasses say "everyday is a black tie event"?

I love the side detail of both pairs,
it is the unexpected details that make me so excited about these glasses!

When you find the right glasses, you can tell!

Introducing my current Faniel collection! 
{I am sure this will continue to grow and grow!}

Though my online exploration I also fell in love with these "Papagena Kaleidoscope":
Seriously, the color, the gems, the scalloped sides?!

In other eyeglass collections,
I also loved these L.A. Eyeworks "Birdie" glasses that Ruth showed me,
I just love the "house" shape of them!

10/10 Optics definitely has the best selection of the coolest eyewear I've even seen!
Always makes me smile {almost to the point of feeling lightheaded with excitement!}

What I Wore: glasses- c/o 10/10 Optics in NYC Designer: Faniel, lips- Kat Von D "Lolita 2", earrings- ModernGirlBlitz, dress- BCBG {via Marshall's}, tank- Loft, boots- Forever 21, bag- Who What Wear x Target

Being in NYC on Sunday after the craziness on Saturday was an interesting experience,
but I couldn't get some crazy people ruin my weekend plans.

We stumbled on Baekjeong, a Korean BBQ place
and ate lunch/dinner!

It looked so interesting and apparently that is exactly what my husband was looking for!

So many side dishes!
We got the pork combo and it was a ton of food,
delicious and such a fun experience!

Happy my hubby came with me on this adventure! 

Time to go back to NJ,
dreaming of all the awesome spectacles...

Still obsessing over my Who What Wear x Target bucket bag,
looks right at home on these old leather seats on the Princeton train

I had to share these two instagram posts from Makeupforglasses because they are too relatable! 
So happy I reached out to her for her Makeup Tips for Chicks in Glasses,
which lead to all the amazingness that has happened at 10/10 Optics with Ruth


I love that eyeglasses top off every outfit,
and Faniel & 10/10 Optics make it so much more sparkly and fun!

Thanks RuthFaniel,
You're the best of the best!

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