Thursday, September 15, 2016

Colorado 2016: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Day 3

On the road to Vail! 
Upon recommendation from my cousin Joe, 
we had to stop at Bonfire Burritos in Golden, Co on the way! 

They even had a ring toss to play while you wait for your food!

These tacos were the BOMB!
I loved them!

I had to take this artsy photo of my mountain sister Silvia
who just seems to blend right in to the Colorado lifestyle!
I had so much fun on this trip with her!

After some awesome tacos,
time to hit the road!

Look how amazing this golf course is in the mountains!
My dad was unable to come on this trip due to a recent back surgery and complications,
{more on that later}
he would love this place and this golf course,
so next time this is a must!

We took the scenic route and my god was it scenic!

We stopped at the Peaks to Plains trail along the way to take some nature:

I'm not kidding when I say my sister Silvia belongs in the mountains!

Perfect spot for some selfies!

& the perfect spot for an outfit shoot for my relaxed, wedding shirt, unplanned outfit!

What I Wore: glasses- 10/10 Optics in NYC Designer: Faniel, jacket- ASOS, t shirt- for my cousin's wedding, jeans- Primark, sandals- Seychelles

My sister Audrey can literally find "sea glass" everywhere,
she found a smoothed piece in the river!

Back on the road, into the wild!

Can't get over how pretty this drive is!

We took another scenic route that ended up bringing us up some winding roads,
quite a task in our questionable rental van...

& we found a waterfall

One of my favorite parts of Colorado were these "lolly pop trees" as my sister Audrey called them,
they are white birch trees that have these perfect circular leaves.
They almost look like they shimmer in the sunlight!

We unintentionally matched in our wedding ready gear during this road trip:

The first thing I noticed when we arrive at our hotel in Vail are these amazing flowers!

I fell in love with the noosa yogurt, made in Colorado, at my cousin's apartment,
seriously the best yogurt I've ever had!

The perfect dessert for a long day of driving.

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