Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Colorado 2016: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Day 2

Our second / last day in Denver before heading to to Vail!

Denver has a ton of federal buildings, 
including this Money Museum we saw while walking to breakfast:

We went to Sam's No 3 for a great breakfast,
I remembered this place from our trip 4 years ago!

Already a great start to Day 2!

This 3D billboard was eye-catching, interesting and highlighted the problems
that Colorado is now facing with the legalization of recreational marijuana

We walked more downtown to wait in line for happy hour at Jax Oyster House!

Okay, so many there was no line,
I LOVED Jax the last time we went to Denver,
I have been thinking about it for 4 years!

Since the last time I was there,
they have apparently capitalized on their popular happy hour, built out the bar,
and now offer outdoor and indoor seating!

So the Strawberry Lemonade and Cucumber Lemon press were just as GREAT as I remember!
The Lemon-Lavender Rickey was also delicious!

Great happy hour oysters!

All the apps were delicious, as remembered and expected!

Happy that I got to bring my family to experience Jax!

Look 2 for my Warby Parker Sunglass Styling Home TryOn!

What I Wore: glasses- c/o 10/10 Optics in NYC Designer: Faniel, sunglasses- Warby Parker Madison in "Rum Cherry", lips- Milani Mattallics in "Mattely in Love", dress & belt- Walmart, necklace- reloved_threadz's instagram shop, sandals- Seychelles, bag- vintage Dooney & Bouke {was my mom's}

My sister Audrey, completely matched the fire hydrants on this trip!
PS. I want this Old Navy dress, it is so cute!

The crew:

We got to play with these seats that are like spinning tops:

My sister Silvia has a much more graceful approach to these:

We got to ride the tops before the rain started.
I love all the art and fun stuff on the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver

We left Denver for the night to visit my cousin Joe and his very soon to be wife Johnna
at their amazing apartment!

Couldn't help but laugh hysterically at my New Yorker cousin, turned Coloradan,
and possible outlaw- according to this passport picture on their fridge...

Not that I should talk, my passport picture looks like a postmortem version of myself...
I am not kidding, it is terrible.

It was a cloudy view that night, but still beautiful!

A little trip to the rooftop area turned into a HUGE adventure,

How to begin...

Well, my mom left her purse on the rooftop deck.
Wouldn't be a problem except when we walked out she realized it and the time was 9:59 PM.
Little did we know that the rooftop auto-locks at 10 PM.

After some attempts to get in, calling security, trying to open windows, etc. etc,
and hours of waiting:

I feel like this photo looks like some art instillation / fashion show {Kayne-esk perhaps}
I will call this "sisters waiting for my mom's bag":

Early morning sunrise when the rooftop opened:

Long story short, the bag was no longer on the roof top in the morning, it was taken by security.
After many hours, shift changes and many calls we finally got it back with everything still in it,
Thank God!

Now we got to see my cousin's amazing views!

If you look closely at those little dots above the buildings in the distance,
they are hot air balloons!

I could get used to this view, for sure!

Back in our POS rental van,
seriously if we wrote "free candy" on the side we would be so in character...

Silvia's face says it all...

Time for s'mores!

& family bonding!

Tomorrow: trip though the mountains to Vail!

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